Looking for bridal shower venue with ocean theme

My SIL's wedding is in August. I'm trying to gather ideas about where to hold the shower. She's getting married at the Cruiseport in Gloucester, and is all about everything and anything ocean. My first thought had been the aquarium in Boston, but that seems pricey, and it will be inconvenient for parking, carrying gifts, etc. (However, if any knows how much a room there costs, I'd love to know!)

Does anyone have any suggestions for possible venues around the Boston/North of Boston area? The guest list is at 60 people right now.

Any help is appreciated!

Re: Looking for bridal shower venue with ocean theme

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    I have no personal experience with the Aquarium, but I believe you are right - at least for actual weddings, I have heard they are super expensive.  Might be worth it to look into though - maybe for a smaller event like a shower the price is considerably cheaper?  Agree that parking would probably be a pain if most of the guests don't have direct T access.

    Would you consider going to Salisbury?  I've heard good things about the Seaglass Restaurant.  A friend of a friend had her bridal shower there (I didn't attend but saw photos) and it looked beautiful.  Huge windows right on the ocean.  Might be worth a look!

    Good luck!

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    Why don't you take a look at Finz in Salem? I've never been in their function room, but I would think it would have some ocean elements and it has a really great location.
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    Try the Elks lodge in Gloucester. H and I attended a wedding there a few years ago and it's one of the nicest Elks lodges I've ever been to.

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    Did you already check in to what Nahant has? Its so nice there.
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    Thank you for the suggestions! 

    I have been to Finz, but didn't realize they had a function room. 

    The bride looked into both the Gloucester Elks Lodge and the Oceanview in Nahant, so I've been to those places with her, but we did not consider those for a shower. I will have to do more considerations, thanks!
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    My FMIL is throwing me a shower at the Manor Inn in Gloucester.

    I haven't been, but their website looks beautiful. My future inlaws are Gloucester natives so they know the area well and this was the one spot that she really liked in the area. I'm told they have a big deck and they can section off a part of it for smaller parties.
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    Winthrop Yacht Club? It's not the fanciest venue in the world but it is extremely reasonable, and it's right on the water and has a gorgeous view of Boston.
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