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Wedding Shoppe Service?

Curious to know what your experience was like (good or bad) at the Wedding Shoppe?   I've read both good and bad reviews but I feel like the bad ones outweigh the good ones and I want to get some input before I book an appointment for my BM's dresses

Re: Wedding Shoppe Service?

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    Like any bridal shop - you'll get better service if you go on an off-peak day of the week.  I've never been there so not likely of much help... 
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    They have terrible customer service and they take advantage of your excitement.

    I went there with hope of getting an affordable wedding dress because I am having a small wedding. It was busy when I walked and the workers seemed overwhelmed and unfriendly. I checked in anyway and proceeded to look at the dresses. They definitely had good deals. I found quite a few sample dress that were very nice and under $700.

    They called me in and I got to try on all of the dresses that I wanted to. I was very excited. That is when the lady that was working with me present me with a "deal". If I put $200 down on a dress that day and that day only I could get 10 percent off. Wanting to save money that is what I did because she explained to me that even if I changed my mind about the dress I could apply it to a different dress.

    Well I changed my mind about the dress and made a second appointment. I did find a dress that I liked but I wanted to have a little time to think about it. They informed me that if I decided that I didn't want the dress they would keep my deposit. That made me furious.

    I then decide to get the store credit instead of buying a dress. There was nothing in store that I liked that was around that price but they have lots of things online line. I asked if I could use it online and after some discussion it was agreed to.

    Basically I think that you should just be prepared if you decide to go there. They do have good deals, but make SURE it is the dress you want before getting sucked into any of their "deals".

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    I've been there for other people's weddings as a brides maid as well as for my own. I have never had a bad experience, but I wouldn't say it was amazing service either. The woman who helped me try on dresses was a little odd but not rude. She worked within my price range really well. The woman I had the other time was very nice.

    I did have a friend who had a bad experience though. She went to pick up her dress and they gave her the wrong one and basically argued with her that it was her dress. She got it sorted out but said they were pretty rude.

    I would say it's definitely better during non peak times like evenings or weekdays. When the employees get busy I think they get overwhelmed and are less polite.
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    I've had great service - I really think it just depends on what time you go and who you end up with as your consultant. I already had a dress that was likely "the one" which I had found at a different store, but needed to try on a few more in similar shapes/styles just to be sure. My consultant knew exactly which dresses to pull to help me make my decision. I also had some detailed questions about how the dress would be altered, and they called up a seamstress who was able to answer all of my questions on the spot. I felt like they listened to exactly what I wanted, whereas at others stores they didn't always pay attention to my personal style and what I was looking for. This was a 4:30 appointment on a weekday, so just before their usual evening rush.

    For bridesmaid dresses, we made an evening appointment and it was certainly busy, but we still had good service and easily found the perfect dresses. 

    I have also heard the mixed reviews you mentioned, and I think it's just about who your consultant is and time of day. If you are able to go during the day on a weekday, you'll get more personalized attention, and I wasn't afraid to speak up about what I wanted or what my questions were. Good luck!
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    I'm going on a Sunday at 1:30 for a bridesmaids dress appointment so hopefully it won't be too bad!
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    I had a fantastic experience with the Wedding Shoppe. I bought my wedding gown there, loved it but it was creeping up on my budget ($1750, my budget was $2000, so alterations would have put it over the top). They gave me a discount so that I could afford the dress and the alterations within my budget.

    Bridesmaids dress shopping there was also a breeze. They let us pull dresses to try on (which not everywhere does) and ordering them was super easy. Nothing over-the-top about the service, but the woman helping us was very pleasant and helpful.

    To me, the best part was their price match policy. Two of my girls paid for their bridesmaids dresses up front. We got home that night and one of them found out it was $15 cheaper on the Wedding Shoppe's website. I was pretty pissed at first, I almost felt like they had tricked us into paying more. But I called and the manager told me to email her the link. I did, and in a couple of hours she responded that the rest of my girls would be getting their dresses for the lower price and that the two who had paid could call their credit card info in for a price adjustment refund. To me, that was really the type of service that stood out. 

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    I made several visits bridesmaids dress shopping. Everyone was pleasant. However, it is crazy busy and crowded on weekend afternoons. I would visit on a week day if possible.
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    I also found my dress at the Wedding Shoppe. The consultant who helped me was wonderful! I had gone through their website and saw several I was interested in. I pulled them up on my phone and she pulled them all, including a couple she thought I might like. Yes, they did that deal thing with us as well, but I didn't feel pressured. My mom and my BM's were with me, so we were able to discuss it before making our decision. Also, they told me my dress would come in in about 4-6 mths. It took 2 months. Recently picked it up and had my fitting. That consultant was wonderful as well. When we asked for an estimate of what alterations would cost, the consultant did give us a pretty high estimate and she told us she was estimating on the high side. Why a seamstress wasn't available for that, IDK. But at least she was honest. The consultant also mentioned they had a list of seamstresses on their website that might be able to do alterations for a bit less. The only con about the Wedding Shoppe that I will say, if you decide that you don't want them to do your alterations, you can not change your mind. Once you take it out of the store, if you need alterations, you will have to find someone else that can do them. 
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    I had mix results with the Wedding Shoppe. I got both my dress and my bridesmaid dresses from them. I actually found my dress in a different shop, but the Wedding Shoppe had it for like $600 cheaper, so I was actually able to afford it with them, but at the other shop it was way out of my budget. My dress came in a timely manner, and everything was perfect.

    The nightmare was with my bridesmaid dresses. Only one person of 4 received the right dress in the right size. Actually, it was one size too large, but worked because my bridesmaid became pregnant between ordering the dress and the wedding. Apparently, the dresses I wanted was going through a "resizing" so half of the dresses were ordered on the old sizing, but used the number. Essentially, they were told to order a size 10, but the old size 10 is a new size 6, so they received a new size 10 which was like 2-4 sizes too big! One of my bridesmaids received the completely wrong style.

    The wedding shoppe was a champ in working it out and replaced all the dresses and even paid for the necessary alterations, but still, it took like 3 tries until everyone had the proper dress and the proper size and it definiltey cause a TON of stress. Most of the dresses weren't ready until a few days before my wedding!
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    Ugh that is scary!  I did end up ordering bridesmaid's dresses through there and was pretty satisfied with our service!
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    I ordered a bridesmaid dress from there before. I don't really remember but it was generally good service.

    The first time I went to try on wedding gowns was great. It was a Friday afternoon and the place wasn't busy. I got an awesome consultant who picked out some dresses in different styles. This worked because I wasn't really sure what I wanted. And she picked out a few that were really flattering on me. And she was fun. I don't think we got pressured, but if they did I ignored it. I found that most places have that sort of deal (I think 3 of my 4 did) but I wanted time to decide.

    The second time I went back was on a weekend and it was definitely a ton busier. We had to wait a long time even though we had an appointment. We also had a consultant who didn't really listen to what I wanted. I mostly was back to try on two dresses I liked from the first time. And she ended up bringing some other things that were nothing like what I asked for.  But I was impressed both times with the variety of sizes.
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