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Hello everyone!! 
We are looking for a venue that will fit about 100-125 people, that is affordable and has a skyline view of NYC (It doesn't necessarily have to be in Manhattan, I'm fine with the boroughs). I haven't finished making a budget just yet, it has been a little difficult to make one because in reality I have no idea of actual prices of venues..but I'm thinking about 15k-20k. I've been looking around but so far have found really expansive places. I am college student! (I'm graduating this year).So when I mean affordable, I mean cheap haha. My grandma and my fiance's parents are going to be paying for most of it but I know they obviously want to go with the best and cheapest alternative. If anyone has any tips, ideas or know of venues please help a poor girl out! Thank you!! 

Important information that may help:
Both my fiance and I have a lot of family coming from another country, they will need a hotel (so I'm guessing maybe I can workout a good deal if I get married in venue/hotel? (Guests would be paying for their own accomodations).

I will be getting married December 2015/January 2016 (We haven't chosen a date yet so we are still very flexible with that) so venue has to be indoors for sure (We don't want to freeze to death :D ).

Thank you!!

Ivana Q.

Re: Affordable NYC Wedding Venue >>COLLEGE STUDENT BUDGET

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    You'll probably have better luck posting on a local board as opposed to here (as this is international).  If you like, @wandajune6 or another mod could move this thread to the appropriate spot.  Good luck!

  • Thank you!! How do I do, or how can I find other boards? I'm completely new to this page. :) And what exactly is a "mod"? 
    Thank you :)
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  • Awesome! Thank you!
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    Hi!  I think our venue might actually work for you, if you choose a Friday or Sunday.  We are using the Highlawn Pavilion in West Orange, NJ.  They are in a gorgeous county park and have a sweeping view down the mountains and toward the NYC skyline.  It's really striking and a major reason we chose the venue.  We also liked the food quality and the price was great.  For a Saturday night in May, with a 150 minimum, we are paying $119++.  This is for ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner including filet mignon, Viennese dessert, and full top-shelf open bar.  They had some dates around $95++ when we were there, and I think Friday/Sunday has a lower minimum guarantee.
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  • Thank you!! I'm going to look into it :)
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    Try the W Loft - it's where my wedding is taking place in June. I'm paying $4000 for the 12 hour rental on Saturday. Because you are having a winter wedding, you might get a better price. The w loft is in williamsburg brooklyn right on the river with views of the skyline.
  • Thanks Im going to look into this venue for myself because that's inexpensive to me ... May you tell me about your experience so far with them ?
  • Also, consider booking a venue on either a sunday or weekday, you'll find some cost savings there!
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  • Thank you so much!! that's a great price and the venue is beautiful!

    Do you mind telling me how much are you paying for food/bar? are you having a private catering company or does the venue cater?


    Ivana Q.

  • Nyc can get pretty pricey. I llive in nyc but grew up on li so I'm getting married there. Check out it's really nice I liked it and considered it for a bit. Only done fall is they stagger weddings so you are not the only wedding on the property that day. But they were pretty affordable and offer packages
  • For places with views, check out some places in Long Island City. Penthouse 808 at the Ravel Hotel might be out of your price range (I think around 150 pp) but you could also try The Water's Edge. Stage 6 at Steiner Studios also just recently re-opened for events, but because it's a new caterer I have no idea what the cost is like.

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