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Hello everyone!! 
We are looking for a venue that will fit about 100-125 people, that is affordable and has a skyline view of NYC (It doesn't necessarily have to be in Manhattan, I'm fine with the boroughs). I haven't finished making a budget just yet, it has been a little difficult to make one because in reality I have no idea of actual prices of venues..but I'm thinking about 15k-20k. I've been looking around but so far have found really expansive places. I am college student! (I'm graduating this year).So when I mean affordable, I mean cheap haha. My grandma and my fiance's parents are going to be paying for most of it but I know they obviously want to go with the best and cheapest alternative. If anyone has any tips, ideas or know of venues please help a poor girl out! Thank you!! 

Important information that may help:
Both my fiance and I have a lot of family coming from another country, they will need a hotel (so I'm guessing maybe I can workout a good deal if I get married in venue/hotel? (Guests would be paying for their own accomodations).

I will be getting married December 2015/January 2016 (We haven't chosen a date yet so we are still very flexible with that) so venue has to be indoors for sure (We don't want to freeze to death :D ).

Thank you!!

Ivana Q.

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    How about the Metropolitan Building in Queens? I don't think it has a skyline view but it's definitely on the cheaper side.
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    I just came back from Bay Ridge Manor ... $75 per person 
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    I'm getting married at Terrace on the Park. Lovely views, reasonable prices. 
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    How much was your quote ?
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    Do a search for party spaces in South Street Seaport - keep in mind a day wedding is always cheapest - you may have luck with the Water Club - if you are flexible with your Jan dates (January after the New Year is always cheaper - December is quite expensive because it's the holidays - they get away with charging more).  But I know that the Waterclub sometimes gives a great deal if you pick a date during a slow period (like maybe the the 2nd or 3rd week of January).  Keep in mind that it will be freezing.
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