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Where is everyone having their rehearsal dinners? We, and the majority of our family live in the Portland Metro area. What are some yummy places you've heard of dinners being held, if you've attended any that were good or bad and where do you plan on yours being held. Also, was the location your choice or FIL's?
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Re: Rehearsal Dinner

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    We did ours at the church right after the rehearsal.  My MIL made a bunch of salads and cheesecakes for dessert, then had Sbarro pizza brought in.  It was 100% her choice as they were paying for it.

    My only recommendation is that you keep it close by to your location so it's quick and easy for people to get there.  Also, someplace with ample parking is nice.  We once got frustrated and left because we drove around for ages and couldn't find parking.
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    We're doing pizza at a local pizza place. It's only a few miles from the venue. We're paying for the wedding and rehearsal, so it's our choice. Just do something simple and easy. You'll probably just want to relax with your nearest and dearest.
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    We're having ours at my parents house. I'm making 3 (or 4) lasagnas, and my family and FI's family is providing garlic bread and salads and dessert. We wanted something simple but good and a place where we could relax without a ton of alcohol around! We didn't want to have people still feeling it from the night before festivities at the ceremony!
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     For my sister's wedding we went to Izzy's she felt that was a good choice because it was simple, casual, and had a little bit of everything so everyone would be satisfied. The only problem was the rehearsal ran a little late and the restaurant gave the one and only room to a different group. Luckily they had a seating are that was kind of seperate from the rest of the resturant and we could still sit together and talk. I haven't thought of where we're having ours yet but this post may help me come up with an idea so thanks for asking it.
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    My FI parent's are hosting ours at Mama Mias - its downtown next to Mothers, and owned by the same chef. They make awesome homestyle italian food - and serve it family style which we think will be fun way to have dinner. 
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    Edgefield in Troutdale since it's about 5 minutes from the venue.
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    We too are doing a pizza parlor. I find it is appealing to most cost effective and a easy relaxed environment, which you want your rehearsal to be. Of course a formal sit down dinner is nice but depends how much money is flowing ...Good Luck
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    Weatherford's in Oregon City, but our wedding is in Canby and most of the out-of-town family is staying in Oregon City. Menu is fabulous, I can't wait! 
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    Not in the Portland area, but if we do any sort of rehearsal dinner (not sure if we'll have a rehearsal, lol), my FI and I will probably host a BBQ in our backyard for our OOT guests.
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