Should I get a sitter? and who?

I have kind of an opposite take on children at weddings than most people. I don't care if they are at the reception but I don't want them at the ceremony. I've seen too many toddlers cry during the vows while the parents just ignore it. I was also thinking that a 15 minute ceremony wouldn't be much to ask a parent to be separated from their kids from. Would it be reasonable to get a sitter to have at the venue to have the kids in a separate room while the ceremony is going on? The reception and ceremony are in the same place.
Where do you find a babysitter? Does anyone have teenagers they trust?

Re: Should I get a sitter? and who?

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    I have a friend who is a nanny and might be interested. 
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    I just sent you a message with my email. Thanks!
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    You can also hire sitters from either Care. com or Sittercity.com.  Both are service where you advertise what you are looking for and people will respond.  it will give you lots of choices in who to hire (and you can interview them, or have someone else do it).  Just a thought as well.
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