Paper flowers as table decorations?

Has anyone used paper flowers as part of their table decorations? 

My florist comes in a package so I get the bouquets, and not much else so I am looking into making centerpieces or something myself. I like the idea of a more simple table, so don't feel the need for a big elaborate arrangement. The venue has a small square mirror, and 6 votives for each table. I'm thinking about getting a larger candle/holder for each table, or maybe a couple of cake stand looking things to put some on, and then scattering paper flowers around the table. 

I was looking at something like this I would probably order a few different styles and colors. Pale pink is one of my colors though. 

Do you think that would look okay? The name cards for each person at the table are on paper doilies, so I'm thinking paper flowers might accompany it nice?

Re: Paper flowers as table decorations?

  • I am also wanting to do paper flowers as centerpieces around small lanterns from hobby lobby. The ones you've listed are insanely easy to make and have a beautiful impact though they're kind of pricey if you're paying that amount per flower. You can get cardstock for $5 a ton yourself. 

    I think paper flowers are a great alternative to the normal live flowers and after the wedding, if you're crafty, you can repurpose them! But yes! It would look beautiful! 
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