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DW w/ AHR, venue suggestions??

His family is in CA, mine is in FL. We don't expect to have a lot of OOT guests but in the event that we do we want to do something that's very representative of Portland.  We're thinking of maybe Edgefield or Grand Central Bowl or maybe Rock Bottom Brewery. It's not going to be huge, maybe 50-75ppl? We want something inexpensive, fun and super casual...any suggestions??
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Re: DW w/ AHR, venue suggestions??

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    Our DW is Oct 2012 and we're going to try to have the AHR before the holidays start.
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  • KendallR10KendallR10 member
    edited December 2011
    Edgefield is a no go then they have a food min and its like $3,000
    Military Brides December 2011 Siggy. Holiday picture with your SO. We suck and don't have one :/ Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter.
  • DramaGeekDramaGeek member
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    What does inexpensive mean to you?  The McMen's properties do have a food/drink minimum, but they also have smaller rooms at some of the venues that are a lot cheaper.  There are a couple rooms for 35 at Kennedy School and the food/drjnk minimum for those is $400.  I would definitely look at all the McMen's properties to see if there's one with a room the right size because it would be the most cost efficient as the food/drink minimum includes the chairs/tables, set up, clean up, etc.
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