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Hi everyone! I'm Lindsay. We just set our wedding date for 8/21/15 at Bell's Banquets, so I have a lot of planning to do - so far we have nothing else done! Anyway, I was wondering where people who have used Bell's have had their pictures done. We absolutely love the venue but I'm not sure if there are any good spots for photos as everything was pretty snowy and frozen when we were there today! Thanks in advance!

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    This is kind of weird but this is what I did to find more pictures of our venue (disalvos station), and I think since yours is in the same area you can probably do this too!  I went on finelineweddings website (since they seem to do tons of weddings in the area) and went to their wedding blog.  They "tag" all of the venues in their blog entries so I just found the first one that was at my venue and clicked on the tag, and it will show you all of the weddings they've done there!  I'm not using them for my pictures but it has been giving me tons of ideas lol

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  • That's an amazing idea! Thank you!!
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