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Weight loss partner for October 2015 wedding

I'm a bride trying to get in shape for my October 2015 wedding in Jamaica (bikinis all day, yikes!). I'm looking to lose a little weight and tone my muscles. I don't have a specific weigh loss goal I just know that when I see what I like I'll be happy. I already lost 20 lbs about 1 1/2 year ago and am able to maintain, but you know holidays got to me this year (darn!)

Looking for an accountability partner that I can check in with on a workout days, ask how it's going and maybe even be a little competitive with ;) I'm quite serious about working out so I need you to be as well. I average 3-4 workouts a week, I switch between running (beginner/intermediate) and cardio-strength training for 30-60 mins depending on how much time I have. I eat pretty healthy meaning no fast food(only if time is tight, no food in the fridge and this is occasional), no soda, 3 meals a day but of course I'm trying to be better. I need someone who is going to push me and I will in return push her so unfortunately I cannot hand-hold a beginner (great if you're starting, I applaud the effort).

If you want to email or do phone calls or both I'm fine with that but I need someone is able to be as serious as I am about this. This is more about health than looking good in a wedding dress, but motivation is motivation right?

Re: Weight loss partner for October 2015 wedding

  • Hello there! I am seeking to loose 40lbs by the fall of this year. I already changed my food eating and cut soda out of my diet!

    I started doing the couch to 5k right now because I have asthma and was told this would be a good way to begin running.

    I also signed up for Ballet Dance classes to also get an alternative work out there!

    I do cardio about 3-4 times a week. I am starting to track my progress on myfitness pal. It would be nice to have a buddy to help motivate each other!!!
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  • Hi! Awesome I would be glad to be your workout buddy. I will private message you my email address so we can get started.
  • Im looking for some one also to help me which part of town do you live in


  • Im looking for some one also to help me which part of town do you live in


    I live in the Bay Area, CA. If that's close to where you live it would be great to have a partner in person as well.
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