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Hello!  I was wondering if anyone had any items that they are thankful that they registered for or that I wouldn't think of?  I am getting married in October so I will be registering soon and would like some ideas!  

Thanks! :)

Re: Registery Ideas

  • We already owned a home and lived together for a few years, so i really didn't feel i needed much.  I already had a kitchenaid, along with a pretty fully stocked kitchen/house.  My favorite gift was the pasta maker attachment for my kitchenaid.   I love making as much as i can from scratch, instead of boxed/packaged foods, so it was perfect for me.  Other must have's in my kitchen - a food processor, i use it all the time, a good set of knives, a cast iron skillet.  I also use my Cuisinart griddler often- great for making paninis, pancakes, burgers, hot dogs, etc.    Nice sheets and some big plush bath towels are always good to have.  
  • H and I had this one glass that we loved for warm drinks. Literally one glass. So we added more of those to the registry and little stainless steel spoon straws. We had a really cool clock that sadly sold out before anyone could get it. 

  • Thank you so much ladies!  We have an apartment so we have a lot of things but the quality is terrible of most of it.  I would like to replace most of it but was curious of what else we could put on there!
  • We love the Misto since we no longer have to buy Pam.  We also found storage/space saver items to be very helpful: split top bench from BBB, over the door pantry rack, over the door hooks and a storage tower we use for towels in the bathroom. 
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  • one of my favorite things was a Wine Bar-- I actually put it on there to just buy myself with the discount after the wedding but a friend and her mom and sister went in on it and I got it at my shower.  I was so surprised (and happy) and definitely put it to good use.

    We also registered (and received) a fondue set. Not a traditional registry item, but it is fun to have around and is something we enjoy using.  Was a hit at my H's birthday get together. 

    We got a cool dish rack too.  I actually get compliments on it when I have people over, lol.  Random, but useful.  It was not something I would have bought personally probably, but gladly put it to good use.

    Ditto the nice towels, sheets, bed set.  This is the time to splurge and upgrade. 

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