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I know I don't have much time, but I need your help!

So, I got engaged in May of last year. We had initially decided to enjoy just being engaged for a while, but time really hit us, especially right before the new year. 
We initially settled on a spring date and finally decided on March 14 of this year. Yeah... which means we have all of about 2 months to plan. 
The date we decided on was for a number of reasons. I'm a teacher and coach and this was a date that worked best for both of us. Our spring break vacation is the week before that Saturday (the 14th), so I will have all week to do last minute things (I simply cannot afford to miss any school). 
So now we're in a rut. We're witnessing firsthand just how difficult it is finding a venue in such a short amount of time. 
We're looking at a party of no larger than 50-60 people. We'd like for our budget to not exceed $1000 for the venue alone. We actually don't mind having the reception and the venue in the same room, even. We're looking for a nice location, but nothing crazy fancy. Neither of us are familiar with how a wedding should be (I've been to a few, but not any recently where I could take mental notes). 
Honestly, we were just shooting for the courthouse because we didn't want our families to have to spend a lot of money and also because we were already stressed about everything. However, we both realized that we would want a small ceremony and simple reception. 
So far, I've called about 20 venues and absolutely none of them were available on our date. I have only been in San Antonio for a little over a year, so I'm not too familiar with venues around the area, so I'm just relying on Google and you all. 
If you have any ideas or names of venues that we could rent for $1000-1200, that would be great. 

Thank you so much!


Re: I know I don't have much time, but I need your help!

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    The Cheapest I have found for Venues under a $1000 are Civic Centers.....they range from $250-$450 on most, and also includes tables too.  Just from what I have researched.  Good Luck!!
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    everlasting Elopements...they specialize in small weddings. I plan on using them once I'm a year out ( They don't book services before then) they get EXCELLENT reviews. Good luck!
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