Sunday brunch reception venue and vendor

My partner and I are playing with the idea of a Sunday brunch reception in the Minneapolis area. Has anyone hosted one? What venue and caterer did you use?

We just love the idea of a brunch buffet and hosted drinks like mimosas and bloody marys. Besides, who doesn't love brunch?

Thank you for your time!

Re: Sunday brunch reception venue and vendor

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    The cousin had a brunch reception - the egg dish was cold by the time it was served, they hosted ZERO Non-alcoholic beverages at a site where they brought everything in (only problem is a LOT of our family doesn't drink and there's always a need for designated drivers!)... and a lesson in "how NOT to host a brunch!" as we were literally sandwiched in to this place with no elbow room and not even a water glass..  That said - How many, what time of year, what type of atmosphere are you seeking, how close to Minneapolis do you want to be?? (downtown or get away from the city proper)??

    A beautiful all-inclusive package is the University Club.  They provide everything, the food is fabulous, stress free, they've got rooms of various sizes from a small group to a larger one.  I have heard mixed reviews about their downtown location, however their Summit Avenue location overlooking has always been great.  However they are in St. Paul. 

    The Weisman also rents out and might be an option to consider...  International Market Square is a beautiful venue in Minneapolis.  The Sofitel down in Bloomington is another place I'd consider since they do brunches and are another great venue here in the cities...

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    We're shooting for late May/early June. We're thinking about 150 guests. We'd prefer something in Minneapolis or St. Paul so that we can continue the party in the city if we want to after the reception. However, I'm not opposed to something further out too. Although (most) people don't drink much during the first half of the day, we'd love to have mimosas, a bloody mary bar, Irish coffee, etc. 
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    One challenge I can envision is finding a caterer willing to work a group that size on a Sunday so maybe keep the Saturday option on the radar as well..

    Check out the Science Museum and Xcel Center/River Center too...  J.J. Hill Library is another beautiful venue...

    Not sure if they do brunches but Acme Comedy & Sticks Restaurant might be another idea..

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    So far all the caterers I've talked with have loved the idea of a Sunday brunch! Some of them offer great discounts on dinnerware for Sundays too. 

    For now we're just seeing what ideas caterers have and if they can stay within our budget. From there we'll decide on a venue that works with the caterer we like best as the food is more important to us than the venue. 
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