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Kohl's Registry Website Issues

Is anyone else having issues with the Kohl's Registry website? When i try to go to it, only the title bar will load. It is incredibly frustrating.

Re: Kohl's Registry Website Issues

  • I can only access it via my iPhone or iPad. I've tried Firefox, Internet explorer, and chrome from my PC.. And I have the same issue. Not sure that helps but know it's not just you!
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  • Khols can be glitchy.  My wedding was a while ago, but I had a Kohls registry and the only trouble I had with them was some items were not "marked as sold." even when they were.  And one item was something my mom bought and she swore she told them it was on the registry.  I got like 3 coffee pots and a few double gifts because of this-- but they were easy to return/exchange so was not a huge issue.

    If they are your only registry, I would suggest having another one just in case.  I would go to your local store or call there headquarters to find out if the problem is going to be fixed. They may not be aware of the problem if no one tells them. 

    Hope they can get it fixed-- they have a nice completion discount and are a guest favorite given how often you can get a good sale there.

  • Kohl's recently (like a few months ago) changed/"updated" their website and it's been awful ever since.  
  • Only problem with kohls I have had (so far) is that my Fi was locked out of his account where we started out initial registry.. as many times as we have tried to have them reset the password it never works so we basically lost that account. We made a new account with his card under my name and I made a new registry... so there are two registries under our names but hopefully since the correct one is linked to my knot page there won't be any issues. Our registry is small because we already own our home and would much prefer assistance with funding our vacation. 
  • i received the registry card inserts and had to call them b.c the coupon on the back would be expired. I was told I had to call after the new year to get new cards. I ordered new cards on Jan 5 and they sent me expired cards. My Matron has been asking me for the inserts so she can get out the invitations. So I had my fiance call, which he had to twice. They once again sent expired cards. So now my shower invitations have gone out with our the insert/coupon. Not fair to the guests.
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  • My Kohl's registry was useless. I created it online because I had a promo code from a bridal magazine and our last names wouldn't save for some reason. This made the registry completely unsearchable and I couldn't even get the link to post it on our wedding website. I spent so much time on the phone with reps over a period of weeks and no one could figure out why it was happening. They would delete it and tell me to create a new one and the same issue kept occurring. After the 4th new registry, I gave up. I love Kohl's and was really bummed that it wouldn't work and no rep was competent enough to help me.
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