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Amber and Pearl

So I have decided to wear both amber and pearl for my SPECIAL DAY. I need help because I never see this combo and have no idea if it even looks good or what. I have a pearl necklace and amber thingys to wear in my hair. I was going to make an awesome comb for my hair and sew on pearly beads and my amber earrings and bracelet combo. Maybe just a single comb, or two combs on each side with the bracelet and pearls hanging in between, sort of like this. But less blingy and crazy. I don't have any sparkles on my dress or veil, so the comb would look weird and out of place.


The earrings are pretty long and I think would be too much in my ears, so that's why I'm not wearing them. Now, my issue is earrings.

I have two holes (my other 9 closed up, lol) on my lobes. 

I could just wear pearl droplets. I could wear pearl droplets in my lower holes and amber studs on my upper holes. Cookies if anyone can find amber and pearl in one earring that isn't in the Smithsonian or 1000000000 dollars.

Should I wear amber in my ears or only pearls? It matches my hair so well it won't stand out. They are little tiny pieces of amber. The pearls will stand out. 
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