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Best all inclusive resorts?

FI and I are beginning our honeymoon research. We will be flying out of NYC and are totally open to any tropical location relatively close to the US. (Caribbean, Jamaica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, etc.), but we would like to find something that is adult (couple) only and will get us the most bang for our buck. Anyone have any suggestions?!

Re: Best all inclusive resorts?

  • Well I think you have to narrow it down a bit more. What's importsbt to you? Do you want high quality food? Or are you willing to skimp a bit on food quality for luxary accommodations? Or is a world class spa most important? Etc etc.

    Also, any ideas on time of the year?

    DH and I went to Grand Velas in Puerto Villarta. The food is all quite spectacular and the spa is very highly rated. It's the only AI I've been to, but we picked it because food was #1 for us.
  • @JennyColada - Food & drinks are definitely pretty high on the list. We're crazy foodies. Also would like a decent beach and resorts with nightly activities would be pretty cool too. Luxury accommodations is nice, but I doubt we'll be spending much time in the room. We will most likely be leave June 27 or 28th. 
  • We went to Swept Away in Negril, Jamaica. The food was outstanding and it's on 7 mile beach which is perfect and crystal clear. They include not only food and the typical things, but all activities such as snorkeling boats, kayaks, catamaran sunset cruise. We did all of those and it was awesome.



  • I've mentioned this one before- but a friend of mine stayed at Valentin Imperial Maya for her Honeymoon and absolutely loved it.  It's adults only in Riviera Maya.  Large resort and with lots to do and lots of excursions.
  • We are going to Secrets Maroma Beach in June. I can't wait! I have heard nothing but amazing things and the place looks amazing. My mom is a travel writer and has been to numerous resorts around the carribean and always says this is her favorite. There are Secrets all over, and AM Resorts (owner of Secrets) has other hotel brands  - two of which are adults only. I stayed at Breathless in Punta Cana last year - thats where we got engaged!- and it was nice, but its more of a party place.
    I also spent a night at Zoetry Punta Cana w/ my mom & it was one of the most amazing places in the world. There are a few Zoetry properties as well -if you want amazing food and relaxation I would definitely suggest it! When I was there the place was at max capacity  -yet we barely saw anyone around! Its just a very Zen resort. I was leaning towards Zoetry for the honeymoon, but my fiance fell in love with Maroma Beach as soon as he saw the pictures.
  • @sames52915 wow where do I get that job!? Thanks so much for all that info!!
  • @amuhl10 if I knew I'd let you know!! It somehow fell in her lap a few years ago, and she is super lucky! She gets to go everywhere and every once in awhile she takes me along
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