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Is it just me or are all the prices for hair and makeup professionals on the big day completely outrageous? I can not find one at a decent price in the Boston area. Maybe I'm being unrealistic but at this point all I'm sure of is that I'm discouraged!!

Re: Make up/Hair

  • I was having the same trouble. I finally ended up with a friend of one of my bridesmaids who did her wedding. Maybe, reach out to some of your girlfriends who've gotten married recently and see what they did or if they know anyone in the industry?
  • @whimsybride, have you checked out Beautiful Faces by Janis?? She was the most reasonable I was able to find, but I agree, I was shocked when I started looking into the cost around here.
  • Yes! I agree. I finally found one who is reasonably priced, yet still did a good job (had my trial recently) on Thumbtack. 
  • They are ridiculous. And I live in NYC, so imagine how ridiculous those prices are. My future SIL knows a girl who does makeup and my cousin agreed to do my hair. So hopefully, that all works out.
  • I'm paying $130 just for makeup..I think that's a little crazy but it's also the market. You want to look your best and keep those photos forever. I think it's worth it.
  • The package that I got is I pay $100 for my hair and makeup, which I don't think is as bad since to get my hair colored is a little more than that, and then my bridesmaids would be around $130. I feel like you just need shop around. My one bridesmaid usually does "just eyes" when she's in other weddings so that saves her a little bit. 
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