Willowdale Estates

Anyone here use Willowdale Estates as their venue? What is your experience? Thanks!!

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    I am from Topsfield and I've been there several times, not for weddings though--and it is gorgeous. I've heard from people who have been to weddings there, my fiance included, says they do amazing weddings, particularly the tent weddings in the spring/summer maybe fall.  I'd say it's worth checking out! And I think they are supposed to have great food, too!
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    Thanks!! I'll keep that in mind :)
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    I went to a winter wedding there and while it was beautiful, it was way too cramped for the number of people invited. People were split into two rooms for the reception, sitting on window bench seats which were freezing, and the food was ok, not great. If you are doing a small wedding sure, but ask them the layout and logistics. We lied and said it was great when asked.
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    We are actually considering a winter wedding, so the two rooms and having to sit on benches is good to know -- I don't want anyone to freeze, and for their food prices, it better be INCREDIBLE.
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    I went to a winter wedding and it was a mess. During cocktail hour they packed us in shoulder to shoulder and only had one bartender for a huge crowd I believe. The line was so long and we each only got one drink. For the ceremony there was two rooms. It was a very weird setup.
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