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DJ Recommendations from DJ Connection?


My fiance and I are looking for recommendations for a DJ through DJ Connection from anyone who has had experience with DJ Connection.

We were introduced to DJ Connection at a bridal show and decided to book with them after weighing some of the pros and cons we saw in the reviews. We wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to request a specific DJ in advance to make sure that we have a good experience. Let us know if any of you got a particular DJ through DJ Connection that you would recommend.

Thanks in advance!

Re: DJ Recommendations from DJ Connection?

  • I booked Tandy!  He's so much fun, big personality and has so much energy, just what we wanted for our reception. 
  • I looked into DJ Connection..The reason I did not book them was for two reasons:

    1. You do not know who your DJ is until the week of the wedding...even if you request a DJ.

    2. Venues that I visited said they do not allow DJ Connections there anymore.

    I even attended a bridal show to visit with them as I was told they would be there. I come to find out that the Bridal Show would not allow them to be there because of "unethical business practices"
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