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Anyone Bought Loose Moissanite Stone and Setting Separately?

Hi there! I'm new here though I have been lurking on and off for awhile. Here's my question....I am very interested in getting a moissanite stone, but I don't love any of the settings I have seen on websites such as moissaniteco.com. There is a setting on Blue Nile that I do love so I am wondering if anyone has bought a loose moissanite stone and then a setting somewhere else and had it mounted? If so, how did it turn out? Is what I'm considering even possible if both pieces are being purchased from online retailers?


Re: Anyone Bought Loose Moissanite Stone and Setting Separately?

  • eilis1228eilis1228 Southwest
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    My FI purchased my moissanite stone loose from moissaniteco, and then we went to a local jeweler to find a setting for it. With Blue Nile, I don't think they sell the settings separately, so you may want to find a reputable local jeweler and show them a picture of the setting to see if they have something similar (or can order something similar). 

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  • You might want to ask on 'Just Engaged and Proposals,' 'Chit Chat,' or your local board. While there are several engaged/married ladies here, the 'Not Engaged Yet' board is probably not your best source of information.
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  • lilacck28lilacck28
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    I had a sort of similar situation, sans moissanite.

     I used my mom's diamond from her engagement ring. I found settings I liked online at blue nile, brilliant earth, etc. BUT, I didn't want to go through the hassle of sending my diamond in to one of them to set (the entire concept freaked me out), and I wasn't sure a jeweler would be willing to set a diamond AND setting that were not from their shop. They might be! I never asked any.

    I ended up finding a setting at a brick and mortar jewelers (ETA: not a chain store). The setting was on sale.  II bought the setting, gave them my diamond, and two weeks later I got the completed ring from them. They charged a  $400 setting fee since I didn't purchase the diamond from them, but even with that the total price was about the same as it would have been online at one of the above websites. ETA: I adore my ring! And the price was great. There were settings I liked a bit more at the store that would have been another $400-$800.... but I stayed within budget. Find a good jewelery store, and you'll find some lovely settings.

    Your steps are to :
    1. check with blue nile to see if they will sell "blank" settings. If yes
    2. go to/email/ call brick and mortar stores and ask if they would set a ring for you even if you didn't purchase a diamond or setting from them, and how much that would cost
    3. See if blue nile will set your ring for you if you send them your moissanite
    3. If the answer is no to those questions, then just shop around for a while. It is definitely possible to find a ring you love from a brick and mortar store for the price you want, but it will take a while
    (ps- I'm planning to buy FI's and my wedding bands from blue nile and brilliant earth. I'm all for online jewelery shopping... but having your diamond/ moisanite/ center stone already makes that more complicated. Still! It was worth it!)
  • I did something like this.  I did a TON of research prior to getting engaged and ultimately decided I wanted a moissanite stone.  I shopped many local places and ended up stopping into a pawn shop to see what they had available.  Turns out, they had a ton of loose moissanite stones (as well as loose diamonds).  They had a large catalog of settings as well so I got to pick out my stone, then choose my setting.  They ordered the setting and had their jeweler at the pawn shop set the stone.  They handled everything.  Although I was VERY nervous about not seeing both the stone and setting together prior to ordering, it turned out PERFECT!  I was so extremely happy with the outcome.  In addition I am a bargain shopper and was very happy with the amount of money we were able to save.
    Next time your out and about, pop into your local pawn shop.  Good Luck!   
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