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Missouri-St Louis

May "Reception"

My husband and I eloped in December 2014. We still have our banquet hall for May and plan to have a big party to celebrate our marriage. But I feel awkward asking family to travel to come to a 4 hour party.
Should I extend the party length or have another event to add more to the day?

Re: May "Reception"

  • Congratz on your recent marriage!
    As long as you're clear that you are already married and that this is just a party to celebrate and not an actual wedding (so no huge dress, bridesmaids/groomsmen, lots of spotlight dances, bouquet toss, pre-wedding parties like showers), then you shouldn't feel guilty inviting people.

    An invitation to a party isn't a summons. If people don't want to come for the free food & drink and the fun of congratulating the newly married couple, they won't come. You totally shouldn't feel guilty for inviting people to a party.

    Now, of course you're welcome to host other events that weekend too if you want to, but don't feel obligated to. If you have guests from out of town that aren't familiar with St. Louis you can always offer suggestions about fun things to do around town if you think they'll want them.
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