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Make yourself as a Disney Princess!!!!!!

Okay, my niece showed me this website and you can dress up all these beautiful dolls and shit and no I don't need her to play. I'll play by myself. I'm an adult and I play dress up games because it's amazing. AND you can go through other people's princesses and vote on the best one. No, you aren't busy. You are on the knot. So start posting yourself as a princess, or whatever.

I have no idea if anyone will care about this. I had a bad day and I just am drinking and playing games aimed at 5 year olds and want to feel better about it.

Don't you dare fucking judge me.

Here is my drunk as hell princess version. Yeah, I would wear fur if I was a princess. What bitch?


What? You want to know how to do this too? Make your princess. Hit the prtscn button or as we know it, the print screen button. Go to Upload images are at the top. When you get the little upload button, hit ctrl and v AT THE SAME TIME DO YOU HEAR ME? Boom uploaded. Put image link into the place where you put your fun gifs and post that shit. 

This is out of control.

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Re: Make yourself as a Disney Princess!!!!!!

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