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I'm looking for a good salon that would be able to hold a bridal party to do both hair and make-up on the day of the wedding. Potentially even nails if it is an option. I am looking in the Novi-Northville-Livonia area.

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    I am not familiar with any salons, but I would recommend Deux Adore. There are 2 sisters, Jen (makeup) and Stephanie (hair). They came to my home back in 2011 and did makeup for me and 3 of my bridesmaids, and Stephanie did hair for me and my daughter who was my maid of honor. I made it clear that I couldn't pay for everyone and my bridesmaids didn't care. I just had Jen come over and do my makeup for the Auto Show Charity event. For airbrushed makeup and false lashes it was $75. However, when I was emailing with her she said it would have been $55 per person for over 4 people if any of my coworkers would have wanted it done but they didn't. I also go to Stephanie for my hair at the Bianchi's Salon in Royal Oak where she works. She is an artist! I was 56 when I got married back in 2011 and they made me look so great! I don't think they do nails but you could ask. As I recall they came over on my wedding day about 3 hrs before we had to leave and we were all done in that period of time. Their Facebook page link is below. 

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    It's probably not the cheapest but Visions is a GREAT salon/spa.  I would highly recommend them.
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