when does the beach get too crowded?

im planning on getting married in cannon beach (hug point) in july. i know this is the peak tourist time for the oregon coast, so of course there are going to be people on any beach we try to have the wedding on. but the question is how many people is too many? when should i say 'nope its too crowded, time to find another place'?

Re: when does the beach get too crowded?

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    I haven't been to Cannon beach, but I've never been to any Oregon beach and had it been crowded. Maybe if there was a bad heat wave in Portland. I would also be prepared for unleased dogs to be running around through your ceremony. But other than that I wouldn't worry about people.
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    That really depends on what YOU feel is too many people.  Hug Point is an extremely popular place year round, but even more so from March - October.  Granted, Oregon beaches are far less crowded than California beaches.  Most locals to the area are nice when they see a wedding on the beach and will give the ceremony, photographers, and everyone in the group a good deal of space.  Tourists to the area are not so... spatially kind or aware.

    This is also something that I am considering for my own wedding and I live out at the coast.

    But definitely, more secluded and incredible beaches like Hug Point will be packed (as I mentioned before) from March - October. 

    What I recommend -- if you have enough time before the wedding -- is to go out to your desired location on a sunny day and the day of the week (Mon., Sat., Fri., etc) that you would like your wedding to be.  This will give you a decent idea of how crowded the area will be.  Another thing to keep in mind is that with the economy still not good, there are even more tourists coming to the coast since it is a much more affordable vacation than flying somewhere.
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    I love hug point, by far my favorite beach on the Oregon Coast! I've never been there when it hasn't been crowded. One thing you need to take in to account at hug point is the tides. If the tides are in the beach will almost disappears. But if the tides are out you can reach the beautiful waterfalls on the other side of the jetty! I wouldn't be too worried about the other ppl. I think everyone will keep there space. If your getting married next summer I would go to the beach on the weekend you we're thinking about getting married and check it out. While your there try to imagine your wedding. Is this the atmosphere you want to get married in? How loud is it? How difficult will it be for you elderly guest to get to the ceremony site? Bring a list of concerns and wants and jot some notes down. Good luck!
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    Good Luck!  In Coos Bay our beaches were never that crowded, and I only went to the well known ones!  (I grew up there).  I have never heard of Hug Point before now, and I just googled it and saw pictures...OMG it looks amazing...my heart strings are tugging for the beach again.  I compromised and didn't get my dream beach wedding...

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