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Right Shoes for Cardio Recommendations

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I've recently began taking Zumba and Cardio Funk classes at the Y and I've noticed that my feet hurt during some moves. In one routine I have to do over a minute of jumping jacks. Just two weeks ago I had a hard time completing them because I've been so inactive but just yesterday I had the endurance (woohoo!) but what stopped me from completing the 1 minute was the pain in my feet. It was like a sharp pain which makes me think that I need a good pair of shoes that are shock absorbent. Some times it happens when I go into a deep lunge, my thighs are burning, fine, but it's my feet that are killing me. I'd love some recommendations on a good pair of workout shoes! 

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Re: Right Shoes for Cardio Recommendations

  • How old are the shoes you are currently wearing?  If the are worn then maybe just getting a new pair of whatever is comfortable on your feet is the best solution.  I know that when I was running I would have kneed pain and that was because my shoes had gone beyond the recommended mileage so they just weren't supporting me like they were supposed to.

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    I have Catapult shoes that I got last minute from KMart. My FI and I decided on a whim to do a zip lining adventure and all I had with me were flats so a quick trip to KMart to pick up some sneakers was in order. I'm getting new shoes this weekend so I'll ask my instructor for their input after class.
  • Good plan! As frugal as I am, workout shoes are one thing I'm willing to invest money in. It's definitely worth it to buy a name brand and, as Maggie 0829 mentioned, replace them regularly even if they don't look worn out. 
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