Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Happily Married/Things Worked Out

I just wanted to say, after some challenges for the planning period, the wedding was lovely, we're incredibly blessed and amazed at how it all came together!  It will be neat to see the video when it's complete with guests running to escape the rainy deluge and then the double rainbow moments later!

Montreal was fun!  We had hiked Okemo the day after the wedding, then we hiked Mont-Royal in Montreal and looked out over the whole city (I was super sore from dancing the night away so by the end of the week I was in major pain but it was well worth it)!  We also biked all over the city and utilized the subways and buses; went to the Museum of Architecture (the Canadian Centre for Architecture), the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (it had a modern art exhibit going on so I felt like I was channeling Dora and her love of funky art), and the Montreal History Centre (my personal favorite-got to go down below to where the river used to flow and the sewer used to be and learn all about the founding of one of the oldest colonies in North America); went to the Cathedral of Marie-Reine-du-Monde, the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal, and climbed up to go into Saint Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal (complete with saint's relics and thousands of crutches that were hung up after people were able to walk again upon visiting and praying-Mom would love that we were getting our hardcore Jesus on, as almost every street in the city begins with the word "Saint"); ate at a French restaurant Cafe Cherrier and had duck and escargot; Chris got to practice his French which he was excited about; and we got some delicious Canadian chocolate!  The border crossing guards were a bit intense on our way in but the return trip was smooth!  It was a very active honeymoon and we had a blast!  

Our apartment is still a bit insane, we need things and are still buying/building furniture (we moved just before the wedding).  At least I was able to replace my keys and I got a spare set so hopefully I don't do anything scatterbrained again (like losing my keys 4 days before the wedding and 1 day before we left for VT, and then I took not one, but two! wrong trains in a row-woof man).  I'm kind of on wedding withdrawal, where I've been enjoying not being on Pinterest/Etsy constantly, tracking packages, sending payments to vendors and following up to confirm delivery times or order details, or flipping out about checking the checklists and staying on track (or in my case, most of the time, just staying up to date).  I've thought about it and discussed it with Chris and family.  It's been a tough debate but what I've decided is that I am going to legally change my last name name, but will keep my birth name, Farley, as my professional/work name.  So all my logins email and voicemail at work are still the same which was a good compromise.  Besides, most people on the phone can't even handle spelling my first name I often get called John or Joseph.

Also it's been weird realizing that...we are married.  It's great!!!!!!!!  Kew Gardens in Queens is absolutely adorable, with a coffee shop right by the train station, lots of restaurants/stores/amenities nearby,  giant and luscious trees lining the streets and a gorgeous park, and it has fantastic public transit!  In addition, Chris is fabulous when we've cooked together as he certainly knows how to pan sear some turkey cutlets, yum!  He spoils me rotten by making me breakfast in bed, doing the dishes, and so far I've only had to do laundry or take out the trash once in a while  :)   Chris is the man when it comes to assembling furniture.  Not to keep bragging, but he even rescues me from the train station when I inevitably overpack my bags from home and they're ripped and I can't carry all the crap I thought I could.  And his family was very kind in putting together some items for us and setting up the indoor AC unit we got.  We're (::I'm::) very lucky-a very special girl!  

Okay, okay, I'll stop with the cheesiness here.  And I know this is getting to be a super long post.  

Thanks everyone for all your help!
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