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I wanted to add a special place were people could take fun photos. I was going to get silver fringe for the backdrop and my sister is a graphic designer and she was going to make all the props. At this point we don't know if we should supply some type of camera (polaroid), have an ipad on a tripod, or have the guest take their own and our second photographer offer to take some for our wedding photos. We don't have to throw too much money away on a photo booth. 

It is something we definitely are incorporating into our wedding - just need to what is the best way and what will guests enjoy !


  • I madey backdrop out of pvc pipe, curtains, rows of icicle lights and valence curtains as swags at the top. It only cost about $25 and 10 hours of work. It can be completely dismantled and it only takes about 30 minutes to rebuild it. Most of that time is untangling lights! We will have an end table with a basket and Polaroid camera and a little sight that says "take two, one for me and one for you."
  • How much was your Polaroid camera and the film - I think you can only get 10 sheets per pack and like 3 pack in a box!!! 
  • A fun idea is to buy in bulk the instant cameras in cardboard (the instamatics). Put one at each table, the camera usually holds about 24 pics. Leave instructions at the table for everyone to photograph one another at your backdrop. Entire tables get in on the fun and have alot of joy taking the pics!
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    After hours of research on Polaroids, (expensive, awkward for people who have never used one) iPad on tripod, ((not really where I want my IPad in a crowd) looking at DIY photobooth programs, (even the simplest ones still required lots of button pushing, and involved lugging in printers) etc, we simply came to the conclusion that the best and simplest solution (for about a thousand reasons) was simply to provide the backdrop, a trunk of accessories, and a small sign with a hashtag, and voila- the DIY photobooth. 
    Honestly, this is the selfie generagation. Everyone has a camera, everyone loves using them. Might as well make the most of it. So in our case, the simplest solution was the best. There were a few elderly guests without cameras, but younger and  phone camera ready guests took pictures of them. Actually, it ended up being very sociable and interactive- people taking pictures of other groups, etc. It was busy all night and turned out to be hilarious.
    (Our backdrop was a giant moon. As in, "It's only a paper moon," and it was pretty funny. It's amazing what people will get up to, sitting on a moon. I don't have access to the actual wedding pictures right now, but here are a couple of things pulled off of Facebook)
    The over 80 crowd on the moon:

    And my new Son in law and my very favorite bridesmaid (have I mentioned a few thousand times I now have a ready made granddaughter? Yep. Love her.)

    Loads of fun.
  • Love the idea of just letting people take photos themselves - and then they are able to upload then at will with our hashtag! Thank you for the advice! I was looking for people that did the simply method and I happy that everything worked out great for your wedding!
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