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We are having a photo booth at our wedding and I've read many blogs stating we could use that as our favor as it's something our guests can have fun with and won't actually mind keeping. What I would like to do is have a photo booth frame as their favor to keep their photo in that will also serve as escort/place cards. I think the magnetic frames will be a better choice because I think more people would be inclined to stick it on their fridge rather than have some little plastic frame sitting on a shelf somewhere. My only problem is how to do I display the escort cards? They will take up way too much space laying on a table, and I don't want to put them at each place setting and have my guests searching around the room for theirs. I looked into a magnetic board, but I'd probably need several and they are not cheap at all. Do you think some sort of basket would work well, or will it look tacky? I want it to look nice without being difficult for my guests or break the bank. All suggestions are greatly appreciated! :-)

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    I think the photo booth photo strips are favor enough. Personally, I would not take a magnetic frame - or I would to be polite and I would throw it out. Not in a mean way, I just have no use for it. Usually when I get photo strips from weddings, I'll tack them on a bulletin board or tape it to my fridge for a week. It's never a permanent thing.

    Also, many people have stainless steel fridges these days and magnets don't even work. I think this might be a waste of your money.

    What if you used the money you were going to use for magnets and had an edible favor - like a cookie, or chocolates, or something. Most people will take that and, since they can eat it, they aren't left with "junk".

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    We are doing a photo booth...not sure if people will use them or not but I am ordering these plastic sleeves that will protect the photos and can act as a bookmark. I found them on ebay...let me know if you would like the link
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