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The Tides, North Haledon - a few questions

Hello - This is my first post as I'm newly engaged.  I have a few questions/concerns about the Tides and I'd love some feedback!

1.  We LOVE the Grand Ballroom but I'm concerned that there isn't a bar in there - we're afraid our guests might congregate in the other room with the bar. 

2.  Has anyone been married there in Nov-Dec?  Are the grounds decorated nicely enough to still take picture outside or is it stark?

3.  Is it weird to have your dj/band above you on the balcony?

Thanks - appreciate the feedback in advance!


Re: The Tides, North Haledon - a few questions

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    I just got married at The Tides in May 2014 so maybe I can help you....

    I was a little concerned that the bar wasn't in the room.  We saw the completed room the week of our wedding.  So it's not like there was anything we could do about it.  It honestly didn't make that much of a difference.  And we had a group of drinkers.  It was kind of nice because if you wanted to have a conversation you could instead of being in the loud room.

    I got married in May and the grounds were fully bloomed so I couldn't help you there...sorry!

    I thought the DJ being above us was going to be weird but our DJ had an assistant so he was down stairs with us and up in the booth so it worked well.  We did a video montage.  It was a little hard to see up on the balcony.  Again it was the week of the wedding we found this out and I forgot to mention it to the DJ.  He might have been able to move the screens down by us but it was on me because I forgot to mention it.  Oh well!

    Overall, we loved The Tides.  Tito was nothing but amazing to work with.  Our Matre'd Mike took excellent care of my husband and I along with our families.  People are still talking about the food and how beautiful the place was.  I would definitely use The Tides again for other events. 

    If you have any other questions just let me know.  Good luck!
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  • Thanks FutureMrsN (Mrs N now!) - We went back yesterday to check out the space. 

    1.  Bar not in room:  I am still hesitant about having the bar in the other room.  Tides seems to be hesitant but open to if we want to put a small bar in the back of the ballroom (we're prob not doing a photo booth so there will be space).  Also = did you think it was odd to have your guest at the bar while the staff was setting up that space with the Viennese (if you did that)?  I really don't like that idea. 

    2.  The Tides put a drop down screen from the ceiling above the bride/groom - it's a good size but it sits super high so I think it's still difficult to see a montage.  Will check with DJ if he has screens that could go on the floor below. 

    3.  So glad to hear you enjoyed the food - I haven't had the food there before! 

    I'd appreciate if you shared any other tips you have for there - thanks!!  D

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    I booked my wedding at the Tides for the beginning of October. While I haven't experienced their bar placement yet, I attended a wedding at Bethpage State Park and the bar was in a separate room. There were no issues from what I could tell, ballroom was still filled, occasionally there would be some near the bar, but mostly just waiting for drinks when it was busy. My guests, most if not all are big drinkers and it never crossed my mind as a concern when I booked.

    Hope this helps! 
  • I don't know if this helps with the bar situation but I went to a dry wedding a few years ago and the only bar available was the one in the hotel lobby. There were a lot of people going out there to get drinks but there were also plenty of people on the dance floor.
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    dinamarienj I would strongly suggest attending one of their open houses.   They have them every now and then.  You get to sample some of the food (and dessert too I believe).  They also have their recommended vendors.  I don't believe we used any but it was nice to meet with other vendors all in one night.  

    Honestly I was so busy dancing and mingling with my guests I'm not sure I would have cared about them setting up Viennese.  I rather them set up around my guests then close the bar all together.  Plus I believe guests ordered drinks from the servers they had.  

    We had a photo booth and it was the week of the wedding when we found out about the bar so it wasn't worth sweating over.

    That's cool about the screen if it works.  I'm sure most DJs would be accommodating with moving the screens down to the floor by where you and your new H will sit.

    If you have any other questions or would like info on the vendors I used feel free to ask :)

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  • Hi everyone. I'm having my wedding at The Tides - Manchester Room. For those of you who are having it or have had it there, who did you use for your hair and makeup? Was it somewhere local? I'm having a hard time with this since my salon is an hour away and I'm having an early wedding with the ceremony at 11:30am. Any feedback would be appreciated! thank you!
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