OOT (out of towner) welcome bags

I am already planning my OOT welcome bags for my wedding on Peaks Island, Maine. My colors are cerise/hot pink, lime/green apple, light pink, silver,  and black. I'm trying to be DiY, and everything on a budget. I am going to include a can or two (depending on if it's a couple) of Sofia Coppola sparkling rose (it comes with a straw), a lobster lollipop, a homemade lobster cookie, some homemade chex mix (to include something salty and snackish), a welcome letter and contact page, a map of the Island highlighting things to do (bicycle rental, coves, beaches, kayak tour, trolley tour), restaurants, a ferry schedule, and map of Peaks Island. What else should I include. I am thinking of buying a blank paper bag in one of the colours and then stamping it with a nice stamp. What else should I include? Stonewall kitchen jams, mustards, etc. are expensive and too large for carryon (4 oz.)

Re: OOT (out of towner) welcome bags

  • Sounds like you have a good range of things already. We are doing all beachy related items: lobster lollipops, salt water taffy, gold fish, pirate booty popcorn, waters, etc plus maps of the area, schedule of events. I'll also prob throw in little packets of advil for those who might indulge on the wedding night and need some hangover help! Ive also seen people throw in a pack of gum in there too. Depending on when your wedding is maybe little travel size tubes on sunscreen or those little sunscreen sticks? Other than that I think snacks and info is good!

  • At one of the weddings we hosted, the B&G used lobster trap bait bags (like this) to hold all the goodies they were distributing.
  • Water!  Even a few of the smaller-sized bottles are a welcomed relief at the end of the night, especially if the hotel charges an insane amount!
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