Real vs silk

I am having the dilemma of fake or real flowers. I want real flowers they are so pretty but expensive. I have seen some silk on Esty they are beautiful and way cheaper. Help
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Re: Real vs silk

  • Maybe do real for bouquets & boutonnieres, but silk for centerpieces and other things? Or, the other way around? That way you don't have to completely give up the real flowers you want, but can still save $$$ on your overall flower budget. 

  • I went with a sola wood bouquet off Etsy for $89 and my future MIL graciously is donating all of her garden hydrangeas for the centerpieces.



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  • I was originally thinking of having the bouquets and boutonnieres be real flowers for tradition and I'm definitely using silk ones for centerpieces. However, since my wedding is on a Sunday, I've been told it might be a little hard having them delivered on that day, which means I'll need to pick them up on Saturday and keep them in my fridge overnight. I haven't done any research though, but going all silk is starting to appeal to me since I won't have to worry about flowers wilting and I can keep my bouquet for years to come.

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