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Our wedding date is November 21 in Key West. I wanted to mail our invitations out earlier than normal since our attendees will be making travel arrangements etc. How do you know when to make your RSVP deadline?

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Re: RSVP Deadline

  • My venue told us to set our deadline 3 weeks before the wedding but they don't actually need our final headcount until the Monday before (my date is also 11/21). So we might make our RSVP date 2 weeks out instead of 3 to give people more time. Just find out when your caterer/venue needs the headcount by and make sure you leave enough time to track down stragglers. 

    As far as mailing out invitations early, I think they are supposed to be mailed 6-8 weeks before, you could probably do 10 weeks but that might be pushing it. I would suggest sending save the dates if you want people to have advanced notice for travel arrangements. If you don't want to do save the dates, you could make a website with all the information and send the link to friends/family so they have a heads up. Or just send them the info on hotels and whatnot in an e-mail. 
  • All of my family (immediate and extended family) live across the country, so we plan to send out our invitations 8 weeks prior and have a deadline date of 4 weeks prior. We are so busy with our day-to-day lives (as are many of our guests) that we need to ensure that we have extra time to track down anyone who doesn't respond by 4 weeks out. We've sent out Save the Dates already so people have the heads up.

    We're attending a wedding in June and we received the invitation back in October....Now THAT was way too early.
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  • I've got my save the dates pretty much ready to be mailed to give everyone a heads up that is going to start planning their accommodations.  They have our website on them with more details than just the date.

    We are doing welcome bags for everyone that attends in KW so that's the main reason I want to know a number RIGHT NOW lol.

    We chose a company that does al inclusive wedding packages so they arrange everything for the ceremony and we are just taking all of our guests out to eat at a nice restaurant after for our reception.

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