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20 miles a week until wedding? Who's in?


Re: 20 miles a week until wedding? Who's in?

  • Oh whoops I'm late in reporting this week too: 35.8 miles (11.8 running, 24 biking).

    It's much easier to get 20 miles on a bike though, so I feel like it's sort of cheating.

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    I found out that it's 3.5 miles each way to Starbucks from my BFF's house. So we did that last week and I'd like to do it at least once a week with her!

    Bonus: we get Starbucks (which probably defeats the purpose, but we would go to Starbucks anyway, so...).
  • New to this board :) I need to find my ftbit but I run a little over 2 miles last week (definitely need to get back into the swing of things).
  • 24 miles last week - 12 each running and biking.

    Welcome @shlasher !
  • Got in exactly 20miles of walking in this week. Had a really lazy wednesday that threatened my avg. but made up for it this weekend. I also did about half an hour of swimming so that probably added to it. And since it had been years since I had swam, man do I hurt now.
  • I did a spin class this morning and hit my personal best of 15.82 miles! I am doing another class tomorrow too!
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    Forgot to check in last week! So this week had 25.75 a trainer at the gym and got the call last week that my dress is in so better get my butt in gear
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  • I did 14 miles at my one spin class last week. I was going to do more classes but I got sick. :(
  • Hi all! Can I join you? Me and my other half are training for a 100 km walk next July. We plan to take 24 hours to do the whole thing (including breaks). Very daunting! 

  • @nicemarmot wow - 100km in 24 hours is quite an undertaking! Good for you! The most I think I've ever done in that time period is 30 miles (that's closer to 50km) and that hurt.

    I've been a slacker about posting here. My mileage for the past 2 weeks has been 19.5 miles and 17 miles, respectively. I've been falling short of my goal, which isn't great, but I'm only 2 weeks out from my wedding and life is getting craaaaazy. FI and I are backpacking in Hawaii for our honeymoon in just 2.5 weeks, so I just hope we're in good enough shape to take on some of the challenging trails we have planned!
  • @redhedbride15 thank you, yes it's quite challenging. Yesterday we went on a 34.5 mile training walk that took 10 hours (including breaks). By the end I was really struggling with what I thought was a blister but it's not looking bad this morning. Lesson learnt: take spare socks and talcum!

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    way late this week.....I fell through the floor this week while painting so I had a very slow week

    19.5 miles
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