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It was a busy 24 hours but I achieved A LOT!!

Flamingo Suites: Our VIP person has been Lanora. She was really late (30 minutes) for our appt and then had to wait in the VIP line to get keys to the suites. I was pretty annoyed because it made us late to our appt at Platinum. We saw the luxury suite, royal suite, and metropolitan suite for our meet and greet. The luxury suite was about 1200 sq ft. It was a good size and could easily accommodate 30-40 people. The furniture is outdated but it had an AMAZING view of the strip. Also had a wet bar and nice size bedroom and bath. Next was the royal suite, this was almost identical to the luxury suite but smaller...could accommodate maybe 20-30 people. Last was the metropolitan suite...OMG AMAZING! I wanted to LIVE THERE! Remodeled and had fun colors. The one we looked at was two bedrooms and had PLENTY of room for 30-40 people. The one we saw had a view of the Linq but she did say some face the just have to request it. 

Platinum Hotel: The walk from Flamingo to Platinum was 15 minutes (my mom was in heels and has short legs lol) We started out at Stir which is the lounge/bar. It was really swanky and had a great vibe! I was met by Hava (who does the initial contracts) and Kimberly (my coordinator). Both ladies have been SPECTACULAR! Out of ALL the vendors I have talked with (and that's a lot!) they have by far provided the best service. We booked the Misora ballroom and it was EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL than in pictures! It has an intimate feel and the setup is great to create a nice flow for guests. AND THAT VIEW! It truly can't be beat! I wanted to see Kilowatt just to say I saw both. I did not like the layout at all. There are 2 walls that cut the room into thirds so your guests would be separated. The pool area was nice but definitely for a more casual wedding. I am also likely going to have our meet and greet here as we can do it during their happy hour and receive happy hour pricing. What we will do is pre-order appetizers and then do drink chips for guests in their welcome bag. Such a CHEAP and EASY option! I would say if you are thinking about booking at Platinum.... JUST DO IT!!!

Sin City Cupcakes: We met with Tiffany in the Stir Lounge at Platinum to do our tasting. We ordered Red Dragon, Better than Sex, Choco-Mallow Intercourse, and Devil's Scandal. I also ordered a dozen of the baker's choice so I could try more flavors: Margarita, Marilyn Monroe, Back in Black, Lemon Drop, Chocolate Wasted, Red Velvet Backseats, and Russian Climax. THESE WERE AMAZING!!! Some were good, some were great and some were out of this world. We did not have any "bad" ones. Our favorites were Red Dragon (BIG KICK!), Better than Sex, Devil's Scandal and Lemon Drop. I can't wait to have these at our wedding! They do offer display options which I will be receiving information about. They do custom flavors (I am looking into a purple passion one), custom colors and decorations if you want. 

Enchanted Florist: This was our next stop to drop off our centerpieces. I found some manzanita trees that I really wanted to use (we got them all for $60!). They will be storing all our centerpieces for us so I don't have to :) They really put me at ease about the design they had in mind. I also got to see their work at the bridal show and their both was BEAUTIFUL! I would highly recommend! they call themselves floral ninja cool is that?!? 

Elegant Vegas Weddings: While at the bridal show, we were able to meet the folks that will be doing our ceremony. I was hoping to have Pastor Pete (he is from IL which is where my fiancé is from) but he is booked that day. He told me his wife was the one that would officiate. I asked about Rev. Roland (he contracts with them) and he will be looking into it for me especially since we will have Elvis at our cocktail hour. He told me often times, he officiates as himself and then returns later as Elvis (which I am hoping will save me money!). 

I do have videos of Platinum if anyone would like to see. I am posting photos of Stir, some of Misora, and Kilowatt. Feel free to PM me for the videos. 
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Re: Flamingo, Platinum, Enchanted Florist, Sin City Cupcakes, Elegant Vegas Weddings

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    thankx hm !! I'm not considering any of these vendors, but I can imagine this post being very helpful to others on here :)
  • Thanks for the post especially about sin city cupcakes as I have been interested in them. Sounds like you had amazing fun. Im so jealous that you get to go and try things out. This site is so helpful for me to see what other people have found and thought as we just cant afford to do a scouting trip.
  • We are using Elegant Vegas Weddings too! Haven't heard who is officiating yet though. Sounds like you had a productive day!
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  • Thanks @hmgiffor‌, you're a star! Feeling much more relaxed about the space now and I agree, based on the video I think the misora looks better than the pool area. One question-I still couldn't figure out where the bar is if you use the misora area?
  • Ugh. I continue to hear not great things about Flamingo service. Get it together already!
  • How exciting!! 
  • From my understanding, they setup the bar outside. The back counter is for the buffet and stations.
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  • Looks like you had a very fruitful trip!! Thanks for sharing with everyone!
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