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Venue minimum's? If a venue calls for 140 person minimum what happens if you don't hit that? Does the venue just want a minimum food/beverage? Do they really care about the number of ppl? Can we upgrade the food and beverage to hit the cost?

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  • You will have to pay for 140 people even JF you don't have that many people attend the wedding. So if you guarantee 140 and you only have 100 you will have to pay for 140.

    It will be up to the venue on whether or not you will be able to upgrade for the difference. My venue only had 1 upgrade so that would not work at my venue.
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    Did you already book a venue?  If so, they should be able to tell you.  If not, keep in mind that sometimes minimums are negotiable.  We chose an off month and were able to knock the mimimum down a bit.
  • We booked our venue yesterday. They came down on the minimums for us for a SAT evening so I was very excited. Can't wait to start booking our other vendors :-)
  • Do you mind me asking which venue negotiated with you on your minimums? I'm currently having the same issue..
  • The Sterling Ballroom in Tinton Falls :-)
  • You have to pay for the minimum no matter who shows up but most venues do count you and your family plus vendors.
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    I know this thread is a bit dated, but do most venues count children towards the minimums? I just found out today that my venue is for 150 ADULTS, not guests. So that does not include children or vendors since they are at a discounted rate.
  • My venue is the same way.  It specifically states on our contract that the guaranteed minimum is adults only and there is a separate line for vendors and children.  we are not having any children at the wedding so that did no make a difference to us, but you should always check the contract language.  Most venues do not include children and definitely not vendors towards your minimum headcount.
  • At my venue, for every 2 children and/or vendors is equal to 1 adult and can be used towards the guaranteed minimum you agreed on.  
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