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Creative uses for wedding items post-wedding?

Does anyone have creative ways they reused wedding items after the big day? (Flowers, cards, hairpins, shoes, etc)  Shadow boxes, scrapbooks, christening gowns, etc. 

I'd love to see pictures and hear ideas. My items have been sitting in a drawer for a year and it's time to do something with them. Thank you!

Re: Creative uses for wedding items post-wedding?

  • I had my very traditional white satin shoes dyed a navy blue and now I wear them to dress up my jeans, or with my slacks, etc.  Love it.
  • My grandmother turned her wedding dress into a quilt for her and her husband's bed. My mom turned her bouquet into soap. My cousin made a collage out of little pieces of their wedding and framed it above their front door.
  • I plan to make a shadowbox and do some scrapbooking with many of the items we have left.  I have a lot of table decor left, so I'll be putting those in tall vases for decoration.

    Flowers and jumping broom will be displayed as art in our home.

    I took the letters off the card box and will be putting them in the shadow box with an invitation, favors and other little trinkets I still have left.

    My shoes were red so I can wear them when I go out or to a dressy dinner.

    Like these

  • A friend of mine made a wreath for me out of the artifical flowers and ribbon that we used to decorate with.  It's on our front door and I love it.
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  • My Aunt to be kept her veil and then her daughter used it for her first communion.  I have heard of people who get custom isle runners cut out their initials or whatever they had put on there and framing it.  If we have leftover favors, we will use them as teacher gifts or something to that effect (they don't have our wredding date on it and are heart shaped tea infuser spoons and have a tag already on it that says thank you).

    Also, my aunt in law to be is getting me a huge pillar candle for the unity candle ceremony that has little markings of 1 to 50 or something and that way we can take it out and light it each year.  If we have leftover lavender from the lavender toss (if we can have one in lieu of rice) we can put it in sachets and send them out with the thank you cards or put them in our drawers.

    Obviously we haven;t been married yet but there are some ideas I already have.  
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  • I plan on wearing my jewellery again, the shoes I wore I had already owned for a couple years and I love them so I'll definitely wear them again, we keep our unity candle out on display on a book shelf, I wear my shawl all the time (it's made of Aran Islands wool and is soooo cozy), we will definitely use our umbrellas again. That's all I can think of at the moment but there's probably more.
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