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Ceremony @ Edgewater near Willow Tree? Or otherwise public Metroparks area?

Has anyone had their ceremony there?  I read on the website you can't reserve the area, and you can only have a small speaker basic boom-box set up.  You'd need a really long extension cord to work it out...just curious if anyone has experience with this venue?  I can only imagine showing up and having people sitting in the space or having a family reunion there or something like that...

Just looking for input :)  Still looking for ceremony/reception areas...May or June 2016 wedding

Re: Ceremony @ Edgewater near Willow Tree? Or otherwise public Metroparks area?

  • I would contact the Metroparks to confirm what their rules are. If the space can't be reserved, I would probably pass on it unless you have two people (two so in case someone needs to go to the bathroom or get food someone is still there) that can get their at the crack of dawn and claim the area & stay there until the ceremony. The metroparks does have a few areas that can be reserved, but some of them have a fee involved. If you are looking for something with the lake in the background don't forget to check out whiskey island, lakewood city parks or other citys that are along the lake that have public parks. Sometimes those can be easier to book for private events & for a small fee if they have a building you can book the building so you have a plan b at the same location in case the it rains or gets too hot outside.
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