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What's important in a DJ?

I'm looking into booking a DJ, and am learning that there's more involved than just finding a guy to play music!  One thing I keep hearing about is "uplighting," and I don't know if it's worth the extra cost.  Our reception will be in a ballroom with not much natural light.  We've narrowed it down to two DJs but haven't met either one yet, and I'm not even sure what to ask!  Does anyone have any input?

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Re: What's important in a DJ?

  • 1)  Because your DJ is the person with the microphone communicating to your guests on your behalf, make sure that you are comfortable with THIS person representing you and your reception in this way.
    (Presentation, grammar, twinkle in the eye, professionalism, touch of humor, etc... If any of those things are important to you, be aware during your meeting)

    2)  Experience might not be a deal breaker (everyone starts somewhere), but having some prior experience in multi-tasking with brides & grooms, various and varying friends and relatives, other vendors (with personal agendas relating to food or pictures for instance) AND knowing, having, and playing just the right song at just the right time - I'm a fan of the calm and confidence that comes from experience!  

    3)  Will this person respect your musical tastes?  Yes play, and NO plays within your preferences will make your wedding better.  How do they handle requests for instance?

    Checking out a website, facebook and online reviews will help you figure it out ... as will meeting with the person.  Some other ideas for questions:

    1)  What do you do if no one is dancing?

    2)  Do you own (and buy special for us) all of your music?

    3)  Have you ever been at (name of your venue), and do you have any suggestions for set up?

    4)  Can you help us think of special songs, or help us with the timeline?

    5)  What's your favorite moment of a wedding reception?

    :-)  Have fun!

  • Also, read the fabulous comments in this current thread - lots of great experience and ideas for you:

  • Thank you both so much!  Still wondering if anyone has any input on lighting?

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  • Hi

    I have heard that some DJ's do lighting. I would ask them for references of their clients that used lighting.

    We are getting married outside with the reception outside so I did not need to worry

    Good Luck

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  • Uplighting, a monogram, dance floor lighting ... ALL of it is fluff ...imho. Not that there is anything wrong with fluff :-)

    You can see examples of lovely accent and uplighting (either via google search, or from your potential DJ or venue's website) and if you feel your event space needs some light, color, pazazz, or additional decor .... go for it if it's within your $ reach!  

    Lighting should be something they can offer, NOT what is selling their product.  

    In my opinion, a DJs "product" should be their service, personality, ability to make your once in a lifetime party EXCEPTIONAL, and to make you (and your guests) happy with the right music at the right time at the right volume. 

    (By the way, if you're not a huge flower person, you can take decor money in a candles & uplight direction instead of floral touches, and achieve some impact!)
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