First time at a wedding gown salon makes a long lasting first impression

I may return to David's Bridal in Danvers, MA to try on more gowns. However the first time I went was last year.

The wedding consultant was pleasant but not really in tune with what I wanted.  The dressing rooms are tiny with

no mirrors in them and it was exhausting trying on so many gowns so quickly then have to come out in public

to actually look at them.  Is this typical of all wedding gown retailers?  The consultant brought me gowns I didn't want and

didn't bring most of the ones I wanted.  I understand (because I'm going to be married for the second time around) that

the wedding industry is just that - an industry.  But when you walk in to a salon as an excited bride to be you want to be

treated very well no matter what your budget, with dressing rooms large enough to enjoy. I felt like I was in a barn.  So

I'm probably going to move on to other salons to test their customer service. I won't buy a gown no matter how well I like it

from a retailer poor in customer service. It's really a shame.  I'm sure it must be exhausting and not easy to be a wedding gown sales

person. Retailers shouldn't overbook them for that reason, treat them well, give them plenty of breaks and support so they

can at least make it look like they're as excited about your wedding as you are.

Re: First time at a wedding gown salon makes a long lasting first impression

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    David's Bridal is a huge chain.  I think if you went to a small boutique, you'd receive much better, more personalized service.  I went to Alexandra's in Fall River and the entire exprience was fantastic and most importanty, I found my dress!
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    I went to Marry and Tux in Nashua, NH and had a great experience! My consultant was in tune with what I wanted and had suggestions on what she thought would look good on me that was in line with what I had told her. The dress I got was not a dress I would have looked twice at from the stock photo, but I fell in love with it after trying it on. Definitely go to another shop!! Best of luck :)
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    A friend told me about Velace Bridal in Bellingham, MA. I haven't been yet (my appt is in May), but I've heard and seen nothing but great reviews. From all I've heard, the owner, Shadia, can help find the perfect dress for you, even if it was nothing like what you had in mind. That, to me, is true talent! lol 

    Can't wait to go. 
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    I went downtown Boston, ultimately found the gown at L'elite, but I didn't really enjoy the experience. The employees keep pushing a sale and were not happy about my budget. I checked out vows in Watertown, which they were so much more pleasant, but its about the dress and ultimately chose based on the gown. You should have a pleasant experience, but don't let that take you away from your ultimate goal of finding the dress you want. I would have never expected to even try on the gown I have now, but sometimes you do need to try on some things you wouldn't think of originally. good luck. 
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    I went to Camilla's in Arlington, it was a pleasant experience if not a little cramped with 3-4 brides and their parties trying on dresses at the same time. Made me feel a little under the spotlight to have all of these strangers looking at me, especially being the only plus-sized bride in at the time. One note for other PS brides: Camilla's advertises as a PS-friendly salon but DO NOT have loads of PS samples. Apparently they tend to sell them as soon as they come in, which I know they can't help, but it was disappointing to arrive and be shown only 4-5 gowns, half of which I couldn't even get on my body. I was lucky enough to find a beautiful gown but there were moments of the experience that were very embarrassing/disheartening. If you have your heart set on a particular gown I recommend calling ahead of time to see if they actually have the sample or something similar in a PS. Otherwise, if you're bigger than a 16/18, probably best to try somewhere else.
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    That's kind of unusual. I went to the DB in Dedham (twice) and Tracey was a fantastic consultant! 

    I also went to Chryssie's in Canton and they were nice but my consultant seemed either tired or uninterested. Then again, I did make her stay late after the shop closed.

    Grandasia in Quincy is a quirky shop but they were super helpful. They also ring a gong every time someone says 'yes' to a dress, which is kinda fun.

    I ended up getting my dress at Party Dress Express in Fall River and it really is a hidden gem! They had all sorts of other gowns but they have a small bridal section and Jackie my consultant was great. They have a great clearance section too.

    I stressed over dress shopping and it feels like I tried on 50 dresses before I found one I like. What I found out is that it is best to go on a weekday because it is DEAD in any shop. I went to DB first on a Monday holiday and it was nuts. I felt a lot like you and that I wasn't really being paid attention to and that my consultant was distracted by a million things. I went back on a random Friday afternoon and it was like the whole store was open just for me. Completely different story. If you can, take a half day off work during the week and go shopping. It will make a world of difference!
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    I had the complete opposite experience at Camilla's.  I went to several stores and found the same dress that I kept going back too.  I ultimately decided to go with Camilla's based off of how personable they were.  I've been several times since, called up a million times about alteration fears, and so far i've had nothing but great experiences.  I've went and tried on my dress with shoes, bracelets, whatever.  They let me borrow a veil for hair trial so I didn't have to take mine out of the store.  I am however not plus size, so cannot comment on sizes they carry.  I found most dresses way to large, especially at Vow's, and could not even consider a dress because it just looked ridiculous.  I was very happy with my experience and found that their was a max of 2 people every time i've went into the store trying on.  However, I did not go on a Saturday.  I always had personal attention and if their are other people around i've never been phased.  Most were nice and just gave me a compliment :) 
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    I went to Grandasia for bridesmaids/MOB dresses and felt so weirded out.  They made me write a good FB review in front of them, and I just felt bad saying no, and was put on the spot.  I mean they were a little over the top in customer server, very nice, but didn't like they they logged me into facebook to write a good review.  Just an overall weird experience!
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