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FI is USN Officer...who are we obligated to invite?

My FI and I are not getting married on base, nor are we even getting married in the same state as his base. Who all are we obligated to invite interns of any of his superiors, commanding officer, etc? 

I know we are not "obligated" to invite anybody, but in terms of keeping him in good graces with his command and following proper etiquette, what do you all recommend? 

Re: FI is USN Officer...who are we obligated to invite?

  • I agree with your statement that you are not obligated to invite anyone. I would only invite those people who your FI is close to, personal friends. I don't think being invited to your wedding will give him a leg up for a promotion or anything. haha MY FI is an army officer and we aren't inviting anyone from his chain of command.
  • A wedding is usually a pretty personal thing so, unless you are very close with someone in his COC, I don't see a reason why you would have to invite anyone.
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  • Haha thanks. I wasn't thinking so much in the lines of giving him a leg up as much as making sure that it wouldn't be considered rude not to invite any of his superiors.

    If only promotions were as easy to come by as simply inviting someone to a wedding!
  • I wouldn't invite any of them unless they are friends
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