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Pew Decorations

What is everyone doing for pew decorations?  We want something relatively simple and at this point are leaning toward bows on every other row.  Any other neat ideas that you are using??

Re: Pew Decorations

  • My sister used lanterns with candles in them, everyother row. My church is beautiful already and didn't want to take away from it, so I'm saving money and keeping it simple.


  • We aren't doing any aisle decor. We have two arrangements for by the front but other than that, nothing. Our ceremony space has a lot of reenery and pretty stone walls so we are just letting that be the decor. Figured we would save the money.
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  • We are doing bows on every other pew. I got silver bows on clearance at Walmart after Christmas so I only spent around $2 a piece. Our church asked us to be "conservative" with the decorations because it is during lent so we aren't planning on having flower arrangements.
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