Looking for small venue for just ceremony and intimate dinner

Hi everyone! I'm slightly new here in Phoenix and I need a little help. FI and I are planning a very intimate ceremony and "reception". This will be my second wedding (former Knottie) and his first. We're both very light hearted and super easy going. I'm 35 he's 41. We are looking forward to having a very low-key event. Most of the attendees will be his family who are quite a bit older (50-70) so having a dj really would be a waste. No one will most likely dance. We'll have a few recovering alcoholics so even a bar wouldn't really feel right to have. LOL Sounds interesting so far, right? No father daughter dance, garter/bouquet toss etc. Just not our thing.

Basically we want a ceremony with just our parents and siblings, then a family style, intimate dinner as the reception with maybe 50 folks at the most. Preferably in the same place. Very casual and almost a holiday gathering type of feel. Does that make sense? Maybe I'll hire a guitarist for nice background music. Have a catered meal, buffet style. With a few hours to mingle and chat. We don't want to feel rushed. I've thought about someone's back yard but I don't want to place the burden on loved ones for clean up, etc. Also, I'd love to not have to worry about renting tables and chairs and having to return them the next day. Seems so stressful. If I could rent out a nice restaurant... that might work. But where?

So I've discovered The Felch House, and I'm still waiting for a reply on package costs. But the venue seems almost perfect for us. If it's not available or doesn't meet our needs I had hoped you fine ladies would be able to offer some other suggestions.

Re: Looking for small venue for just ceremony and intimate dinner

  • I don't know if it's big enough but I have a friend who did this at House of Tricks. They loved it, and it looked beautiful. 
  • I originally looked at Felch House, but I never got any response for them. We ended up having our reception at Maricopa Manor, and we could have also done our ceremony there. It's a little B&B at Central & Camelback. You would have to rent your own tables/chairs, but the process was pretty painless. The rental company we used delivered everything, set it up, took it down, and picked it up. It required absolutely zero effort on my part.

    If you want to go the restaurant route, here are some recommendations:

    -Cibo (their max capacity is 40 however)
    -Tuck Shop
    -Bink's Midtown
    -Sierra Bonita
    -Dick's Hideaway (max 30 guests)

  • Great suggestions, thank you! I'm loving Cibo and House of Tricks. This might be perfect going the restaurant route.
  • Do you know how much it was? How many guests attended?
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