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I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for Bridesmaid dresses in Toronto/GTA? I am going to be purchasing them for my bridesmaids and was hoping to spend about $150/dress. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

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    This is an international board. I'm moving this to your local board for better responses.
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    I think it depends. The prices will vary based on the designer you choose. Typically Alfred Angelo dresses tend to be a bit cheaper. I would suggest starting off somewhere that carries several designers so you can get an idea of what they have to offer in your price point. I know Ritche Bridal carries several different designers and you don't need an appointment for bridesmaid dresses. My MOH bought her dress from the same store I purchased my gown from, and they gave her a 10% discount, so you may want to ask at the store you ordered your gown at to see if they would be willing to offer any sort of discount for the bridesmaid dresses.

    My dress/MOH dress, and MOB dress came from Sophie's Gown Shoppe. They had a decent selection of dresses, but I don't think many were under $200.

    Does your $150 also account for alterations? If so, you may be better off avoid bridesmaids dress and heading to mall.
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    David's Bridal is good.
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    Sweet Cherie Bridal is apparently getting bridesmaid dresses!  You could try there, they will likely be decently priced.
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    David's Bridal has a great selection and great prices. Our girls dresses were only $119.
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    I would strongly suggest Henkaa dresses which are the 5 way dresses. They flatter almost all body shapes and sizes and should be right around the $150 range. Each girl can tie their dress differently so they don't look exactly the same. The Henkaa dress is also much better quality than the same versions from China. If you are in Toronto, I belive they have a store near yorkdale mall where you can book an appointment. You can bring your bridesmaids to look and try on the dresses. I believe they also started carrying the dresses as kleinfields at the at near eaton center.

    I purchased them for my wedding which was just last weekend. All 5 of my bridesmaids wore the baby pink midi Sakura dress and both moms wore the full length versions in teal and purple.

    I found these dresses to be amazing since the girls can all wear them again for other functions. Two of my bridesmaids loved them so much they bought different colors for themselves to wear to other weddings as guests.
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    I also agree with the David's Bridal suggestion. Currently they have a $20 off sale for bridesmaid dresses and they are already fairly priced. 
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