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Hello, fellow Junies!  I'm wondering if any of you have gotten around to registering for gifts yet.  If so, do you and your FI live together and are you registering for all new things? 

My FI and I both moved into our own places a few years ago, when we were dating.  Now that we are engaged, we have two sets of relatively new everything, this includes cookware, beds, furniture, exercise equipment - you name it!  I'm conflicted about registering for new items because it seems wasteful to discard the things we already have, but if I don't register for new things, I'm not sure what to register for!  We could always register for fun things like camping equipment, but I don't want to seem greedy or frivolous.  Have any of you meet with this same issue and how are you addressing it?


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Re: Registries

  • I'm in the same boat as you. We are gonna register for new things...some things we have were given to us from friends and family. We don't have sets of things, a lot of random things. We also were thinking about doing a registry for our honeymoon. Just an idea!
  • That's a good point. I'm sure some of our stuff could be replaced with nicer or more coordinated items. A honeymoon fund is a great idea! I think it would work as long as it's not the only option we offer people.


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  • Don't discard!! Take to Goodwill or other local donation spots. You can get a tax write-off too. 

    Go have a fun registry session finding things that you think work for you as a couple or upgrade to nicer items you haven't been willing to buy yourself :-)
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  • We are going to register for some newer things and donate our old stuff. Like PP said, we have some stuff that has been given to us or that we bought cheap. There's a lot of cool kitchen gadgets & utensils that I'm waiting to buy so that I can use them for our registry. We're also registering for a set of suitcases, because we don't really have any of those.

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  • Thanks for the support and advice everyone!  An update, we went to Target to start scanning things and my worries went out the window.  It's so meaningful to be able to choose things that are "ours" in stead of "mine" and "yours".  We ended up registering for a few new versions of things we already have but use a lot (like plates and pans) and we registered for a few more of the same towels we already have since they match the bathroom so nicely.  I think I know some people who would love some of our gently used things and the rest can be kept as backups or go to goodwill.


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  • Its to early to register, but I'm thinking of registering at : Macy's, Crate and barrel, Target, and maybe Walmart. My friend told me to not register at Bed Bath and Beyond, the quality is horrible. She said there bath towels started falling apart within one wash :/
  • I've owned my house for over 3 years now (and no, I'm not over 30 as some knotties like to ask lol) and FI moved in with me, so we're thinking of registering for some updated items as well as the elaborate things we wouldn't necessarily purchase. Still unsure as to how many stores are too many to be registered at since we like only a few items from each store (Crate & Barrel, Williams Sonoma, Bloomingdale's, Macy's)
    Sidenote: A thought I've come to find that is common around TK is honeymoon funds are highly looked down upon. Give it a good consideration before committing to one, as the general thought is it's rude and a waste of the guests' money (since the companies take a portion of the monetary gift amount).
  • Yes, it is too early to register. I did think about it though. Everything we own is a hand me down and what I don't have, I do with out. Like I totally drink wine out of a coffee mug. Everything in the kitchen is from my fiancée's mom or my mom from when they moved. I have been trying to buy things but from like the 99 cent store. Haha.
  • My FI's mother had a great suggestion (we also have two sets of everything). She said that when she got married she saved all of her old dishes. Then when her daughter and eventually my FI grew up and needed dishes and things for their own starter places and college she gifted those to them. 
    I suppose it depends on the quality of all of your kitchenware and whether or not you have the space to save something like that. It definitely is a long term investment but I know it helped my FI save a couple hundred dollars that he definitely didn't have as a poor college student :)
    I'm not sure if that's what we're going to do or if we're just going to end up donating or garage saling it away but it's definitely worth a thought!
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