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This is my first discussion here because I've gotten a little frustrated and was hoping someone might have some other ideas or suggestions to share. Any feedback is very much appreciated! I'm trying to look for 1 venue for a ceremony and reception in Dallas (preferrably as close to downtown as possible, so nothing outside Dallas city). I'd love it to be a historic site, especially a hotel, but I'm running into problems with either the venue being too expensive for the exact look we want, or not having an appropriate ceremony area. Here are the ones we've looked at, with my favorites at the top:
-The Warwick Hotel
-The Fairmont Hotel
-The Adolphus Hotel
-The Magnolia Hotel
-Aldredge House
-Belo Mansion
-The Joule (waaaay overpriced for us)

If anyone has some cool suggestions for a vintage (1920's, 40s) type of venue I'd really appreciate it! An outdoor ceremony area would be ideal as well. Thank you for all the help.
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