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  • We got married on Sunday (4pm) evening. We picked this day because it was more convenient for our reception venue (Friday and Saturdays are quite busy!). It was actually between Subday or Tuesday. But thankfully I was able to talk DH out of the Tuesday idea!
  • People have to work. Friday weddings are horrible. I prefer Sunday
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  • I had a Sunday wedding, and honestly, I loved it.  We did it for a few reasons:  one was definitely to save money, one was to get the venue we both loved (which was booked up on Saturdays for like the next two years, but did have Sunday availability), and one was because DH's stepfather couldn't get off work and wasn't sure he and MIL could make it in time if they had to fly out on Saturday a.m.  (They lived in a pretty rural area, so there were not too many flight options for them, including nothing Friday evening.) 

    The only drawback was that my venue wasn't available for a rehearsal the day before, because of being chock-full of Saturday weddings.  It was NBD, we weren't doing anything complicated so a rehearsal wasn't really necessary.
  • We're doing a Friday night wedding and it's perfect. Only the traditionalists have kicked back their heads and howled that it's not on the proper day. Pffft. We don't care about the proper day for them... the Friday is the proper day for us. We know that some out of town people may not be able to come because of schedules and we are okay with that. We had to laugh that one person, who lives within an hour of the venue said that she'll try to come because she has no more vacation days for the year. Ummm... it's an evening wedding and you end your work at 4... but whatever. She's a princess and has to have everything about her so it's really not surprising.

    Everyone we care about (barring the out of towners who have heavy school schedules) is making an effort to be there on the Friday and the days leading into it. If the others are not coming, that's okay too. We will celebrate with them at the wedding celebration we're having in December on the other side of the country.


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    We're looking at having a Friday evening wedding. I'm surprised this isn't more popular considering (I believe) you can't have a wedding in a catholic church after 2pm or 3pm on a Saturday. That is the case where we're from so we had a few options:

    1) Saturday afternoon wedding
    2) Friday evening wedding
    3) Saturday afternoon wedding with a gap before the reception

    Except #3 isn't a serious option we'd ever consider. We decided to go with Friday night since we want an evening wedding and continue the party downtown afterwards. Luckily for us everyone on our guestlist is from the surrounding area (~30-40 minutes from the church) the only OOT people are a few of my family members that don't have issues with getting days off of work. We are looking at 6:30-7 start time so that people have time to get home and change. My Fiance's brother got married a few years ago and they did the exact same thing. My friend has been to a ton of Friday night reasons for the same reason. 

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    My wedding is on a Sunday because I wanted it to be. It's not necessarily saving us money, but it is making it easier to rent things, like our DJ. It's going to be late afternoon I'm thinking, mainly due to church service that morning, and so people can get back home Sunday evening for work/school.
  • Our wedding is a Friday afternoonish-evening Everyone we really want to be there is coming. I think we would have probably had more "yes" RSVPs if we chose a Saturday, but our venue was booked solid and it was the only day available.
  • We are doing a Friday evening wedding for multiple reasons. It is saving us about $3000 on the venue, there are no other weddings before so we can set up as early as we want, it's at a ski resort so we have the entire weekend to ski after with anyone who wants to stay. It is a 2+hr drive for my side and a flight or an 8hr drive for his side. We are 8 months out and some cousins that I thought might not be able to do it because of work have already booked their night at the lodge, and his family farms so because it's in the winter they have lots of time off.

    It just works for us, and if someone can't make it because of work that sucks, but all of those closest to us will be there. We will also be driving over 8hrs to get there so we want the weekend after to just unwind and have fun.

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  • We did a Friday late afternoon/evening wedding and I loved it.  Not only was it cheaper for the venue, but it just felt better overall than a Saturday wedding IMO.
  • I'll be having a Friday wedding. What's a good time to have the ceremony start? 
  • I'll be having a Friday wedding. What's a good time to have the ceremony start? 

    We had an evening wedding (Saturday, but still).  The ceremony started at 7, and was about 45 minutes long.  We then had a receiving line in the church foyer, but the reception hall was on standby to start cocktails as soon as our guests started arriving from the church.  My husband and I got to the hall right around 9, I think, and food (buffet) was served as soon as toasts and first dances were done.
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  • I'll be having a Friday wedding. What's a good time to have the ceremony start? 
    Ours is a Friday and the ceremony will start at 5pm. If we were closer to one of the towns most of our guests live in we would think about pushing it back but since it will be over a 2hr drive for the close side even if we push it to 7 that's still not after work to make it in time.

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    I'm actually having mine on a Tuesday (its the date I wanted), and of course I would understand if anyone could not take off work or would not take it off.  My family is not from the area, so they'd have to take a few days off for it anyway.  In fact, on my page I jokingly tell them I'm happy to have planned their vacation for them next year. :)

    Because my wedding is so small to begin with, I save around ~$1,700 by doing it mid week - off peak.  Still enough to make a difference.  I'm only aware of one "it's a TUESDAY?" comment that I'm aware of.  Everyone else has been OK with it (actually asked around first)

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