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So Question. Is there any polite way to tell people to NOT mail a gift to my home address, and instead ship anything to my parent's? We are having package theft problems in our neighborhood and I'd hate for someone to send us something awesome only to have to it go straight into thieves hands. Buuuuut I also don't want to come off as if we are expecting gifts!

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  • You can let it be known by word of mouth, but this information can't go in invitations.
  • Good idea @mlg78
  • I just go off of whatever address is on the registry.  If you want your gifts sent to your parents, then just register with that address instead of your own. 

  • Yep, the PPs pretty well summed it up. Use your parents' address on your registry and RSVPs. Let your parents (siblings, grandparents, whoever else you're close with) know that's what you'd like, in case someone asks them.
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  • You should do as above, and both list the address you want on your registry and prepare your families, and any really gossipy friends, to spread the news.

    Package theft is an issue. And not getting RSVP s or wedding gifts checks or gift certificates because someone scoops your mail is also a problem.
    If you can, go to the post office, pay for a 3 to six month rental of a good size box to hold a lot of mail, fill out a change of address form for all mail and packages including priority and express packages to go to your PO Box. You do not need to tell anyone the box, the PO computer and a computer label on your mail sorters box tells them. This is good if you pick up at least weekly when possible, and put a hold up to thirty days notice on the box for your honeymoon.

    If your local PO has no hours outside your work schedule, rent a box at a mailboxes etc. or other similar place, and fill out a post office forwarding form to have all mail and packages sent to the rental box. Boxes are cheap compared to the cost of putting holds on possibly stolen gift checks, or the loss of gifts.
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