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hey gurlies.. so did everyone see the  Shade  State of the Union last Shouts out to the President He handled that... what was ya'lls favorite part?
Also I know we have a lot of greek ladies and one some that are interested in greek life.. So I am sure you all read the two memebers of AKA got suspend and now the 5 women of Delta are expelled? 

what are yall thoughts on that too harsh? thats what they deserved??
chats chat it up on this Hump Day !!
I am not greek but I did see a few episodes (I wasnt going to watch it but Hubby talked me into it since he is greek) of the show and I think that the One AKA (april)that got suspended was a bit too messy and the two Deltas that were loud and fighting all the time.. I think maybe they should have been suspended but not expelled...thoughts??

Daisypath - (PNE7)

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