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Moscow mules in copper mugs??

My fiance and I are having a limited bar with beer and wine with signature drinks. Jack and coke is one and we would love to do moscow mules in copper mugs. Our wedding theme has copper and rose gold incorporated throughout because it reminds us of where we went to school in the copper country. My ring also has rose gold. We would love to incorporate moscow mules as a signature drink because we drank them frequently where we went to school and becuase they are served in copper mugs. My question is - do you think there is an alternative way to serve these drinks without losing the fun of the copper mug? Buying a large amount copper mugs would be too expensive and I would worry about people taking them if I somehow rented them. Help!!

Re: Moscow mules in copper mugs??

  • Hmmmm that's a tough one. You're right, buying them would be expensive, even in bulk. I don't think you have to worry so much about people taking them if you rented them - if they're handed to the guests empty as they enter the reception, then your guests might think they're favors & take them. But if someone orders a moscow mule at the bar and it's served to them in a copper mug, I don't think they'd steal it - unless they're someone who is notorious for stealing barware from restaurants!  
    Then, even if a few disappeared, you'd only be on the hook to replace those few. Much cheaper alternative to buying. However, I've had a moscow mule before that wasn't in a copper mug and it tasted just as delicious. I'd love going to a wedding where they were the signature drink! 

  • Unless your friends and family normally steal stuff, I don't think they'll steal mugs from the bar. If the bar company rents them, I'd go that route. If they don't, I'd skip the moscow mule and pick another signature drink - it'd be too expensive for y'all to buy a bunch of mugs. 

    If you skip the moscow mule, you could still buy a few copper mugs and put mini floral arrangements in them to decorate the bar, your head table, cake table, guest book table, and any cocktail tables. That way, you're still bringing in the copper without crazy expense.

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