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chocolate fountain?

Hey ladies! So once again I have a question for those who already got married. Did any of you use a chocolate fountain? Was it a good experience? (I plan on using one and kinda wanted to know what to expect)

Re: chocolate fountain?

  • We had one and everyone loved it.  Unfortunately I didn't even get to use it myself.
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  • We didn't have one but considered it. 
    We opted against it and had a candy buffett and a dessert bar instead. Our reasoning was that the fountain means people have to wait in line, the chocolate is rarely quality stuff (and we ar chocolate snobs :o) ), and honestly.. I feel like it can be a little unsanitary. Idk.. I'm not just a chocolate fountain fan... An alcohol fountain.. that's one I could get on board with :P haha
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    I went to a wedding with a chocolate fountain and I was a BIG fan. Unfortunately, I filled up on all the goodies over there and didn't even end up eating any cake. The couple had a LOT of cake left over because a lot of people didn't even make it to the cake.
    Just something to think about.
  • Not married yet, but I don't like them. I always feel like the chocolate should harden a little (lie fondue, almost) but it's always so drippy. It's impossible for me to eat neatly. I wouldn't go near one in a wedding dress. 
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    [QUOTE]We had one and everyone loved it.  Unfortunately I didn't even get to use it myself.
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    Do you know how long before the reception the fountain was set up?
  • I'm not married yet, and I've never been to a wedding that had a chocolate fountain, but I've seen them and used them several times before at non-wedding events.  I do like the idea and I adore chocolate-covered strawberries, but as someone mentioned before, the chocolate does tend to be messy and since people will be dressed up in their good clothes, I probably wouldn't do it.
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  • We considered it, but then after reading a lot of comments about them on here, we decided against it. 
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  • We had one because the reception hall included it as a complimentary (we were married off season so that was one of the "perks"). I know it was more popular with the younger crowd than the older. However, if the banquet hall did not include it, we would not have considered it.
  • They can be really messy, really, really messy. It doesn't take alot to set them up, it's more you have to have some place to melt the chocolate first, which can be hard. They can be alot of fun but are extremely messy. If you have kids at some point fingers are trying to just dive into it and we saw older people just sticking plastic cups into the fountain just to eat the chocolate. It was good chocolate but still. If you do it make sure you have some place to warm the chocolate, and bring alot of extra bags, unless you are paying someone else to set it up for you.
  • A friend had it years ago at her wedding and I was a total fan of it, as were the guests there.  I've always wanted it at my wedding and originally it was an absolute, but I also wanted a cake and was afraid we would be left over with a lot of it.  So for now its a maybe for us, but if not at the wedding we are going to have one at the bridal shower instead. 

  • I'm not a fan.

    I've seen them at social functions and there's always someone thoughtless enough to double dip or kids just sticking their fingers in it... Ewww

    All I can think of is all the germs that must be pumping through it. Yuck. As a guest I wouldn't go near it, but that's just me. I'd prefer a piece of cake.

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: chocolate fountain? : Do you know how long before the reception the fountain was set up?
    Posted by shaygray88[/QUOTE]

    It was part of our dessert table so it wasn't set up before.
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  • Our wedding is still 6 weeks away, but we decided to have a chocolate fountain and mini desserts in place of a cake...we really just don't like cake.  I got the idea from my company Christmas party a few years back...they had one and it was a huge hit and very tasty.
  • As much as I love chocolate fountains and wanted one at my wedding, my mind was changed when I actually went to a wedding with one. I agree that the quality of the chocolate was just not as good as what I would hope, and it was extremely messy. I had one bite from my plate and had to sadly let the rest go to waste. It's a cute idea, but better for a less formal party.
  • I have to admit, I'm a bit of a germaphobe so even though I LOVE chocolate, I'd stay away from a chocolate fountain. I've seen too many fingers going into them. Ick! And the chocolate's also not great quality anyway.
  • We did one for my sister's bridal shower...holy mess batman. And there was SOOO much wasted chocolate and wasn't that good. Very drippy, runny, messy.
  • Just.Say.No.
  • thanks for the input ladies!
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